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Making The Best Of Avec Dates

The purpose of Avec dates is to start a relationship. But unfortunately, having a relationship involves taking a risk. Some relationships have ended well but so many have also ended in heart breaks. In fact some ladies have been heartbroken so badly that some of them have decided never to love again while some ladies prefer to be alone for several years before dating again.

To reduce the chances of having another disastrous relationship, please follow the tips below.

What do you want in a relationship?

For some ladies, Avec dates begin on the wrong foot. What you want in a relationship determines the kind of Avec dates you accept. Do you want a mere campus boyfriend to hang out with or you want a relationship that will lead to marriage? The answer to the question should guide you on the type of guy to date.

If you go for the ever partying, care free, hot looking guy, the relationship is not likely going to last long. This is because guys like this are not ready for any commitment. Besides, girls will continue to throw themselves at them.

But if you want the relationship that will lead to a marriage, it is better to go for the reserved, serious and committed guy. You are likely to enjoy your relationship with him as you won’t have to compete with other girls for him. In fact, guys like that are much more caring. But they are not “hot” and they may not be so cute. The message is simple, when choosing a life partner, you have to look beyond his looks. With a cute and hot guy, you be on your toes all through the relationship.

The guy has needs and expectations too

Most ladies only think about what they want in a relationship and forget that the guy too has needs and expectations. It is a two-way thing. While pointing out his faults, you should also try to know his expectations and try to work on them. You don’t expect only the guy to bend to suit you while you remain the way you are. Both of you will bend a bit to suit each other.

Make yourself indispensable to him

When you give your guy the kind of treats that only a few ladies can give him, he will remain with you for long and if he breaks up with you, he will eventually come back crawling when he realizes that you are rare. By then, he would have dated a couple of ladies after you. A very good way is to give him access to your phone, email and other social media accounts. How many ladies can be as transparent as that?

Sex is part of the way to hold your guy spellbound. You have to be good in bed and you have to be creative about it. If you are not creative, making love to you all the time will seem like eating the same food all the time. Guys love ladies who are decent ladies in public but porn stars in bed.

Always follow your instinct

When a guy asks you out on a date, if you like him, go for him. Don’t seek advice from your friends. Sometimes one of your friends may have a crush on the guy. She will make sure you turn him down so that she can have him. She won’t mind telling you some lies to convince you not to date him. And by the time you realize the truth, it may be too late.