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Nigerian national, who made MDMA crystals by looking at YouTube videos, arrested in Bengaluru


The Central Crime Branch (CCB) of the Bengaluru Police arrested a Nigerian national for allegedly making MDMA crystals using Methylsulfonylmethane, sodium hydroxide and acid at his residence by looking at YouTube videos. Raw materials worth Rs 50 lakh from the accused’s residence were seized, the police said.

The accused was identified as Richard Mbudu Cyrill, a resident of Tarabanahalli. Police seized 930 grams of methylsulfonylmethane, 580 grams of sodium hydroxide crystal, five litres of acid, an altered 10 litre pressure cooker, pipe, a digital weighing machine, two mobiles and a scooter.

Cyrill reportedly came to Bengaluru in 2019 on a business visa along with his elder brother and changed houses twice in the last six months.

The police said that the raid was conducted after getting a tip-off about Cyrill’s narcotic activities. The prime accused in the case is believed to be Cyrill’s brother who is presently absconding. The duo learnt to make MDMA crystals from YouTube.

They had purchased a 10-litre pressure cooker and altered its lit by fixing a pipe to collect the evaporation. They would put all the raw materials in, boil them and collect the steam-like fumes which turn into MDMA crystals upon cooling.

The preliminary investigation reveals that Cyrill and his brother bought raw materials from Mumbai and Delhi. They sold MDMA crystals in various cities in India including Bengaluru.

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Kamal Pant announced a reward of Rs 70,000 to the team of CCB which cracked the case.

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