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Daily horoscope for January 15: Your star sign reading for today


It’s all about the Moon, Pluto, the Sun and Mercury today, and the general horoscope suggests we’re going to be going through different emotional phases over the next 24 hours. Mercury retrograde starts to come into effect, so you might be feeling a bit wobbly, but the Cancer Moon this evening should ease some of this anxiety. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for today.

The Moon is in Gemini for most of the day before it moves into Cancer at 4.11pm.

This morning, the Gemini Moon will boost your communication, thinking and learning skills.

Cafe Astrology said: “We are motivated by a desire for variety and by an instinctive curiosity.

“The Moon in Gemini is light-hearted, breezy, and curious, but it can also be restless and fickle.”

The Moon in Gemini generally favours the following activities:

  • Mental and communicative actions, and more than one activity at once.
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Letters and emails
  • Errands
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Making connections
  • Short trips

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When the Moon shifts over into its ruling sign of Cancer this evening, things are much calmer.

Finally, the restlessness of the Gemini Moon gives way to an instinctive need for peace and quiet.

Cafe Astrology said: “A feeling of belonging and safety is what motivates us under this influence.

“The Moon feels right at home in the sign of Cancer, as it rules the sign.

“This Moon position has much healing potential. Although insular by nature, our feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates us.”

Mercury is in retrograde as of yesterday, so you’ll really start to feel the chaos kicking in today.

Mercury Retrograde is known to cause problems with communication, technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays, and lost items.

Astrology King added: “You can also expect to dwell on things, reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly meet up with people from your past.

“Business negotiations will be in a state of flux so avoid signing contracts.”

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