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Which Station Eleven Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


There are few shows that manage to capture a post-apocalyptic world quite as well as Station Eleven, the HBO series based on the novel of the same name. What sets this apart is the focus on its characters and the way that they grow and change, from the days before a flu killed most of the population to the world that comes after.

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These characters almost leap off of the screen with their authenticity, and so it is worth looking at them through the lens of the zodiac in order to fully appreciate their depth and complexity.


Aries – Clark

Clark in glasses and beard looking up at someone in Station Eleven

Clark is one of this series’ most compelling characters, and there’s a case to be made that he is a very good science fiction villain. He has all of the drive and intensity of the Aries personality, but this also means that he has a tendency to believe that his way is the only way, no matter what others, including his fellow leaders, might think.

What’s more, it’s precisely his fire sign drive that allows his community to survive when so many others fail.

Taurus – Frank

Frank is the brother of Jeevan, who rescues the main character, Kirsten. From the moment he appears he shows many of the signs of the Taurus, including a certain stubbornness and coldness that at first makes him reluctant to take his brother in.

However, he also shows that sign’s loyalty, as once Kirsten and Jeevan arrive he does everything he can to keep them safe, including sacrificing himself so that they can embark on their own life without him. Such selfless acts of heroism on the parts of its characters allow Station Eleven to be one of the best science fiction dramas of recent years.

Gemini – Clark

Clark shaking hands with Kirsten in Station Eleven

Even though he has many of the characteristics of an Aries, Clark also shows that he has many Gemini traits, too. In particular, his ability to present two faces to the world is a signature mark of this particular air sign.

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While Clark is often very kind and giving toward those that he loves, he also demonstrates that he has a ruthless and at times dictatorial personality that clashes with those who share the leadership of the colony with him.

Cancer – Sarah

Sarah aka The Conductor sitting in a hat and striped shirt in Station Eleven

Cancer is known as one of the neediest of the signs, but that is in part because they are very in tune with their feelings and desires. What’s more, they are also often very artistic. These are all traits that define Sarah, one of the most important members of the Traveling Symphony.

As she repeatedly shows, it’s largely thanks to her artistic genius, in particular her ability to adapt Shakespeare, that the group has become such an enduring part of the post-pandemic landscape.

Leo – Arthur Leander

Arthur sitting in a makeup room in a striped hoodie in Station Eleven

There’s no question that the Leo is the most charismatic and dynamic of the zodiac signs, and there’s also no denying that Gael Garcia Bernal has been in many great roles in part thanks to his own brand of charm.

All of this comes together in the person of Arthur Leander, the actor whose life casts a long shadow over those who are still trying to survive in the world after the pandemic. He shows time and again that he has an ability to charm people, whether his audience or his friends, which is a signature sign of Leo.

Virgo – Frank

A closeup of Frank in a red sweater in Station Eleven

In addition to showing many of the signs of being a Taurus, Frank also has many of the traits associated with the Virgo. This can most clearly be seen in his no-nonsense and practical approach to life.

When he decides that there is a problem that needs fixing, nothing will stand in the way of his attempts to get to the bottom of it, which is another sign that he is very much cut in the Virgo mold.

Libra – Alexandra

Alexandra with short hair and blue top in Station Eleven

Alexandra is a minor but very important character in the series, particularly since she is one of those born in the generation after the pandemic. As such, she is perfectly poised to fit into the character traits associated with the Libra, especially since that sign is especially noted for its ability to try to find balance in all things and to be a mediator.

As the connector between the past and the present, this is exactly what Alexandra tries to do.

Scorpio – Tyler/The Prophet

Tyler aka The Prophet crouched down wearing a jersey in the woods in Station Eleven

The Scorpio is by reputation one of the more sinister parts of the zodiac, and there is often an edge to them that makes them dangerous and at times unstable. Tyler, also known as the Prophet, is one of the series most fascinating characters, and he shows many traits of this zodiac.

In particular, he has a Scorpio’s ability to hold a grudge and to seek out revenge, as he shows with his determination to destroy the Museum of Civilization and attain vengeance on Clark.

Sagittarius – Jeevan

Station Eleven HBO covid

There are few signs more fun but also more unpredictable than the Sagittarius, and it’s always hard to tell what they might do. These are all traits that Jeevan shows that he has in abundance, whether that’s racing to try to save Arthur Leander when he’s having a heart attack or when he impulsively takes Kirsten to his brother’s apartment.

At the same time, he also has Sagittarius’ devout loyalty to those that they care about, including both Kirsten and Frank, making him a very good new science fiction character.

Capricorn –  Miranda

Miranda looking at someone across the table in Station Eleven

Capricorn is one of the colder signs in the zodiac, and they aren’t the type of people to usually let emotions get in the way of what has to be done. Miranda, Arthur’s first wife and the author of the graphic novel Station Eleven, has these Capricorn traits in abundance.

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What’s more, she also shows that sign’s particular inflexibility and commitment to their own set of values, which is why it makes her so angry when Arthur shows Elizabeth the pool house where she has been working on her novel.

Aquarius – Elizabeth

Elizabeth being talked to be Kirsten in Station Eleven

The Aquarius is one of the most enigmatic signs in the zodiac, and it’s sometimes difficult to pin them down. That is also true of Elizabeth, Tyler’s mother and one of the key power figures at the airport.

However, though she has the Aquarius’ tendency to be quite cold toward others, there’s no doubt that she loves her son, and, just as importantly, she also shows that she is a capable and competent leader in her own right.

Pisces – Kirsten

Kirsten in a loose red overshirt outside in Station Eleven

Neediness and emotional instability are two of the noteworthy traits of the Pisces, which is what makes this sign such a good fit for Kirsten. Kirsten, like all Pisces, often struggles to keep her feelings in check, and she tends to respond quite violently to rejection of any kind, as she shows when one of her friends unexpectedly gets pregnant and when Alexandra thinks about leaving the Symphony.

At the same time, she also shows Pisces’ profound sense of loyalty and duty to those that they love and care about. All in all, she is one of Mackenzie Davis’ best roles.

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