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What Astrology Taught Me About My Affair | P.D. Reader


If you’ve had an affair, astrology can provide some good insights about it. 

Being attracted to someone else when you’re already in a relationship can really wrench your heart in two.

And, if that isn’t bad enough, finding out someone you trusted has cheated is one of the most shocking and painful things that can happen to anyone.

Come to think of it, being the third party isn’t much good, either. No wonder so many of them are desperate for answers that they start consulting astrologers.

Now that my disaster with a married man is firmly in the past, I can tell you a lot more about my experience with astrology during that rollercoaster time and its miserable aftermath.

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Here’s what astrology says about affairs.

The Good

If you’re only looking to elucidate character traits of two (or three) people in a relationship, and patterns of relating that are likely to spring up between you, astrology is great for that.

Your natal and relationship charts can be so descriptive of your character and how you behave in relationships that seeing these things spelled out in your chart can help you make some very wise decisions.

I grew up with a BPD mom. The constant family upheaval I lived through led me to spend most of my life reading books by therapists on mental illness, codependency, toxic parents, love and relationship addiction, marriage and relationship dynamics — you name it.

So, when I saw codependency being diagrammed in a horoscope chart, I knew what I was looking at.

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