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The Search Party Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Star-sign experts broadly agree that Geminis  exhibit a loquacious temperament and a greater-than-average intellectual curiosity. On the flipside, they can be prone to inconsistency and take a mercurial approach to interpersonal interactions. 

Throughout the many episodes of “Search Party,” Elliott Goss’ attention-seeking actually makes him look more like a Leo than a Gemini. But we think there’s a nuance to his narcissism that moves him closer to twins territory. “Elliott Goss” is, in fact, an identity fabricated by the individual originally known as Eldad Tupper. Eldad had to put a lot of time and thought into creating Elliott. Then, once he became Elliott, he had to learn about lymphoma into order to convince people he used to have it. Furthermore, he runs a possibly fake charity during Season 1 — some knowledge of actual nonprofits is certainly necessarily to prop up a pretend one.

Unlike a mediocre actor or social media influencer, Elliott doesn’t just say he’s important and expect the word to agree with him. Instead, he cons the world into believing he’s important, which requires communication skills and a willingness to soak up knowledge in order to weaponize it later. These are the classic marks of a Gemini. 

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