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Sex & Love Horoscope, Week of January 7, 2022, Cosmo Sexoscopes


What’s happening: Tonight, Mercury Retrograde begins, so prepare for your exes to come back around. The Sun and Pluto join up on Sunday, making you feel more intense, motivated, and ready for action—but this can also make you come off as a bit extra.

It’s a busy week: The Moon enters flamboyant Leo on Monday night, Aquarius season officially begins on Wednesday (which is great for making new connections!), and the Moon enters the sensual earth sign Virgo on Thursday.

What that means for you:


I wouldn’t worry too much about ex drama this Mercury Retrograde…instead, you’re facing drama in your friend group. If you’re crushing hard on your buddy, now’s not the best time to try to upgrade your friendship to a FWB situation. This is especially true once the Moon enters Leo—it makes you feel even more romantic and makes you even more horned up. If you do decide insist on making your move, make sure you’re very clear about what you want from this ‘ship.


This is a pretty quiet week for your love life, Taurus. First, work is taking over your life this weekend (sorry). Then on Monday, the Leo Moon makes you feel like a homebody, so going out is a non-starter—but if you’ve got a consistent partner/FWB, it’s a nice evening for a Netflix and chill session! Better news: Starting on Thursday, the Virgo Moon activates your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, so you’ll defs get some action by the end of the week!


You’re facing a bit of a make-or-break moment this weekend, Gemini. There’s a misunderstanding between you and your significant other about the state of your relationship. You might think you’re taking things slow, but the other person thinks you’re moving way too fast. Or you might be ready to DTR, but your boo just wants to keep it casual. There could be a breakup, NGL, but if your relationship is strong, this’ll just be a speed bump. Take this as an opportunity to better understand the state of your relationship and plan for the future.


Maybe you’ve been ignoring a few issues in your relationship, Cancer. Maybe you’re trying to strategically ignore the bad parts, and hyper-focus on the nice parts. Here’s the thing—this weekend, any underlying problems in your relationship are coming out. Hidden feelings of resentment or passive-aggressive behaviors are negatively contributing to your love life, and now’s your chance to talk it out. Don’t start a fight, though! The next time you catch your boo saying/doing something you don’t like, say so. You’ll be amazed by how much you can transform your relationship through a simple conversation.


Mercury Retrograde in your chart’s relationships zone is making ex-related drama a huge issue, and work is also kicking your ass all weekend long. NGL, it’s gonna be stressful, but you can handle it! After Aquarius season starts on Wednesday, you’ll find more time to focus on your love life. Free advice: It’s okay to reject people, it’s okay to cut people off, and it’s okay to stand up for yourself if others are treating you poorly—especially if it’s an ex. More free advice: I really recommend that you don’t DTR or upgrade your relationship status right now. There’s past drama that needs to be dealt with first!


It’s possible to have a good time without being reckless, Virgo. You’re feeling a ton of chemistry with someone this weekend, and as easy as it would be to jump into bed with them, you’d be better off by taking things slow. If you match with a hottie on a dating app, don’t rush to their place after texting for a couple minutes. It’s super likely that you’re gonna catch major feelings for your fling, so make sure this new potential paramour is worth keeping around first.


You’re having a pretty good week, all things considered! Sure, it’s Mercury Retrograde, but you couldn’t care less—you’re having too much of a good time! This week’s Leo Moon is amazing for getting on the dating apps and finding some new matches, and since Aquarius season is activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, you can expect loads and loads of action to come your way soon.


Life is starting to slow down near the end of the week, but before you get the R&R time you desperately need, there’s a bit of a speed bump you need to get over. Sunday’s Sun/Pluto conjunction i pushing you to speak your mind, at any cost. If there’s a disagreement between you and your boo, you starting a fight. If you and your date aren’t on the same page re: the status of your relationship, it’s easy for you to get riled up. Keep in mind that your words carry immense power this week, so think carefully before you open your mouth.


You have a reputation for being, well, sort of extra. If you want something, you go out and get it. This is a great week to shoot your shot, because you’re extra, extra confident. You should absolutely cast a wide net for new potential dates, but understand that not every single match will be a winner. Sometimes the other person just isn’t feeling it, and that’s okay. Don’t push the issue, and please don’t disrespect their boundaries. Accept things and move on.


You’re coming off as more compelling, intense, and attractive this weekend, so it’s a great time to re-download your dating apps or go out to meet someone new. Your sex drive is through the roof, you have way more endurance in bed, and the chemistry between you and your partner is electrifying. It’s the final week of Capricorn season, and you’re truly ending your month of the year with a bang!


Happy Aquarius season! Sure, Mercury Retrograde is in your sign, but you shouldn’t let that rain on your parade. This week’s Leo Moon activates your chart’s relationships zone, and the excited, romantic, sexy vibes are perf for finding yourself a birthday boo. Don’t expect anything serious to come of it, though.


All week long, your chart’s zone of isolation and the completion of cycles is being activated, so don’t expect too much action. What you can expect, however, is an ex or two to make a surprise appearance, and not in a good way. You need to confront the problem, Pisces. Don’t be afraid to rely on your friends to figure out exactly what to say to squash the beef with your ex, and don’t feel bad for taking your time to draft your “leave me alone” text. The Virgo Moon on Thursday is perfect for starting that tough talk and leaving things in the past with them, cordially.

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