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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On January 14, 2022


Today is another sign from the Universe that we’re meant to go at a slower pace this January than we have had to do in previous years because of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius.

Although this may seem like bad news, for three zodiac signs who will have a great day on January 14, 2022, Friday will be perfect.

With just a week or so left of Capricorn Season, we’re feeling like we want and even should make the most of this energy to get ahead or even start the year off with all those resolutions.  

But sometimes in order to get ahead, we first need to go back.  

This is the message with today’s energy.  

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Mercury is the planet that governs how we think and how we communicate those thoughts.  

Depending on the zodiac sign that he is in, it changes those themes for us. 

In Aquarius, Mercury is more innovative. He’s looking towards the future and is open to figuring out different ways of making his dreams a reality.  

But a retrograding planet means that we’re being asked to reflect and review things that have already happened, and as Mercury joins Venus Rx, it’s no surprise this is what the vibe for the day will be.  

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