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Intrusive questions you should never ask your future husband in an arranged marriage


Arranged marriages are very much a part of our tradition and many of us still seek out the help of our parents to find our soulmate. But things may not seem so perfect when you’re finally seated across from your potential spouse and asked to question them about love and marriage in order to gauge your compatibility. Things often go south unexpectedly, in such scenarios.

We’ve all read about the awkward questions that men often ask women while meeting them for an arranged marriage. While some of these may seem patriarchal, others are merely condescending or patronizing. Nevertheless, men are also asked certain questions in such situations that are far from kind. Therefore, we spell out the questions you must never bring up when speaking to your prospective groom and discussing marriage.

What will you inherit? Or What properties does your family own?

When marrying someone, you must make it clear to them that it is the individual you value and not their wealth. So, avoid questions about what properties your prospective in-laws own or you’re your husband will stand to inherit from his parents in future. You must also refrain from rejecting men who don’t own as much real estate as you wished for. This is because while money isn’t everything, there may be other aspects of their personality that might make them your perfect match.

questions about property

How often will your family visit us?

Having family in your life is a blessing and being away from loved ones for long periods can feel terrible. So, you must be open to his family or yours visiting you from time to time, it is the best way to add joy and laughter to your lives.

How much money do you make?

Most parents expect their son-in-law to provide for and take care of their daughter. However, asking intrusive questions about someone’s salary is not encouraged. Some men prefer to be tight-lipped about the exact figure they earn, so you must not probe them about it. After all, no one likes to be thought of as an ATM machine. If you’re curious about his lifestyle you could ask whether or not he has accumulated debt or makes a decent living.

questions about money

Men often feel the pressure of being high-income earners and bread winners. Sharing this responsibility in a marriage is the least you can do to be more supportive as a spouse.

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