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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 28, 2021


For most even with the occasional bright spot, the past two years have been difficult but all that is about to change as we see Jupiter return home to Pisces today.

Jupiter is the planet that’s usually just known for the luck that it brings to our lives, yet it actually rules so much more than that.

This is the largest planet in the zodiac which means that it expands everything that it touches whether we’re talking about higher learning, careers, romance, or even money.

It can’t help but make everything bigger and more abundant.

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Jupiter actually is ruled by two signs, Sagittarius and Pisces with the sign of the fish being its first ruling sign even though later it took over Neptune.

This means that while Jupiter was in its most challenging placements in Cappy and Aqua recently, now it’s returning home to Pisces.

It’s like us traveling via CouchSurfing where we weren’t quite comfortable and now, we’re finally returning home to our own space.

And it’s coming in at just the right time.

Being the biggest planet in the zodiac we should feel this energetic shift pretty dramatically, the only question that may arise is if we can trust this turnaround.

The answer though is a resounding yes!

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