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2022 One Card Tarot Reading For All Zodiac Signs


This reading is no small potatoes, folks. This is the first Tarot reading for each individual sign of the Zodiac for the year 2022.

So fasten those seatbelts because this is most definitely going to be a bumpy ride. And, of course, by ‘bumpy’ we mean absolutely fantastic in every way possible. Right?

We’re going to pull one card for each sign. Such simplicity can only lead us to direct and succinct insight. The Tarot can be incredibly intricate, and the reader must be able to interpret and divine the information within, as one uses a divining rod to seek out unseen water.

We have been through so much. These last few years have both traumatized us and shown us how strong we can be. We have lost so much, yet, still, we persist.

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This is the human spirit, and no matter how trampled on, no matter how degraded we get or how uninspired our surroundings may be, we always, and I mean ALWAYS rise above.

We’ve all come to despise our own species. How many times a day do we hear someone say, “Ugh, people.” Well, we’ve become ‘ugh, people’, but is this permanent?

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