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Lowered Widebody Cullinan Is a Luxury Overdose on 26s, Has Real Crystals in Paint


Frankly, if you’re traveling in something like a Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Aston Martin DBX, or the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue, there is no point in trying to be subtle about it. So, in these cases, exaggerations are entirely excusable.

Just recently, a gray Rolls-Royce Cullinan passed us by on the highway and my car-aficionado kids weren’t even remotely impressed by the hulking apparition. This had me thinking: what’s the point in shelling out more than $300k for an “entry-level” ultra-luxury SUV if no one notices?

As such, it’s only natural for some to desire their Cullinan to be a tad different. That way, they’re going to stand out in any crowd. Of course, that comes with a price. According to the reviewer from Wheels Boutique’s channel on YouTube, this Black Badge Rolls-Royce Cullinan was probably well north of $500k even before the owner started coming out with the custom ideas – just from the special trunk seats and the Black Badge derivation.

Now, we really should discuss the Crystal Over Orange paintjob, as this is clearly the stand-out feature of this particular Cullinan. But it’s not like the behemoth is lacking in highlights – from the trunk separator acoustic glass to the matching black and orange interior treatment.

Still, there was one thing that was not great in factory specification – the 22-inch wheels. No worries, since we are dealing with an aftermarket wheels expert, those “ugly” pieces are coming off by the end of the video embedded below.

Even better, there’s more transformation action (from the 7:12 mark) than just a simple wheel swap. This is because the client also commissioned a widebody Novitec Overdose implementation in addition to the Forgiato wheels. Which are untamed beasts on their own, coming in with a 26-inch deep-dish-style diameter.

Now, let’s just sit back and enjoy the result, complete with stunning 26-inch Tessuto forged wheels (with floating caps), that exaggerated Novitec widebody kit, the lowered stance, and – let’s not forget – that mesmerizing paint. One that allegedly includes bits of crystals sprinkled over the color.

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