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Horoscope Today: December 25, 2021 | Vogue India


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Christmas sees you feeling like the most optimistic version of yourself *and* spreading that holiday cheer like confetti. Optimism looks good on you, Leo. It’s the secret ingredient that’s making you a magnet for abundance and blessings! All work and no play has never been your style, Aquarius. Why start now? The cards are urging you to find a balance. To weave magic with your tribe and sing carols by the bonfire as you sip on mulled wine. Something tells us your soul circle is expanding and that Christmas could bring heartwarming connections into your life. Pisces, you have a heart of gold. You have so much love to give others and then some more. But, when it comes to receiving, you face all kinds of blocks. You want others to show up for you, yet you’re unable to let down your guard. The holiday season is bringing with it the reminder that it’s safe for you to be who you are and that the people in your life will celebrate the many hues that make you oh-so-special.

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