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The Community Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) is the quirkiest sign in the zodiac. They are iconoclasts who are mysterious and eccentric. However, they aren’t doing it in a calculated way, as a Scorpio might. They’re not schemers; they just think differently and care deeply about people in general. That’s why they are known as “the Humanitarian.” They also aren’t particularly in touch with their feelings, preferring to think about the big picture rather than any one person in particular. They are willing to go to some extreme places, and it’s not unusual for an Aquarius to have some extreme beliefs, possibly even indulging in conspiracy theories. 

The obvious Aquarius at Greendale is Professor Sean Garrity, the drama teacher. However, he goes by other names. Jeff claims to be taking a class on conspiracy theories from a “Professor Professorson,” but he is faking it and gets called out by Dean Pelton. When called out, Jeff doubles down, and to his surprise, Professor Professorson shows up and confirms that the class exists! Digging deeper, they learn he was really Professor Wooley, the night school teacher. They then find out that night school is a sham that Wooley created when he faked a course. Jeff then recognizes him as Garrity, the drama teacher, who has been put up to this by Dean Pelton to teach Winger a lesson. Garrity later teaches a course on whether or not Nicholas Cage is a good actor, which baffles Abed.

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