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Libra and Pisces Zodiac Compatibility, According To An Astrologer


There are some signs in the zodiac that just seem made for each other—think of it like the astrological version of PB & J. And, while there are a few biggies, one of the best power pairings out there is between Libra and Pisces.

There are plenty of reasons why Libra and Pisces’ zodiac compatibility is so next-level. With that, it’s important to understand the basics of each sign and how they tend to function in relationships.

In relationships, Libras tend to be gentle, agreeable, and total peacemakers. “They want to have a pleasant time without conflict,” says Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology. Libras prefer to find a partner that they can have an easy friendship with and enjoy shared interests “in order to not have to compromise too much,” Page says.

Pisces are sweet and romantic in relationships, and like to spend time with a partner who makes them feel less stressed, Page says. Basically, they both like to have their relationships be a safe, stress-free zone, making it all work out for everyone involved.

“In traditional astrology, Libra, an air sign, and Pisces, a water sign, are thought to be problematic in being able to ‘see’ each other,” Page says. But Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships, and Venus is also happy when she’s in Pisces. “Therefore, they both have a deep desire and wish for connection and partnerships, and they both value creative, artsy time together,” Page explains. Basically, the perfect date night would be dinner at a cool new restaurant and a movie afterward for this made-in-heaven pair.

But what about all the nitty-gritty stuff, like sex, emotions, and the inevitable fights? Life isn’t perfect for any couple, and that’s true of Libra and Pisces, too. Here’s how Libra and Pisces tend to do together.

How do Libras and Pisces match up sexually?

Some pairings can immediately make a bed rock, but that’s not always the case with Libra and Pisces. “It can be hit or miss until they find the groove,” Page says. The best way to make things work, she says, is to ensure there’s plenty of foreplay—including wine and music—before you slide between the sheets together. But, once you figure out what each other likes, you’ll be great together in bed.

What about emotionally?

Pisces is big on compassion and being there for people, which is always a plus in a relationship. Libra, on the other hand, “needs to have partnership and someone to do things with,” says Page. That can get a little tricky when Pisces is off rescuing a friend who is having an emotional meltdown, and Libra is left to deal with their broken plans—again. A good fix: Making sure you make follow-up plans so no one feels left out or pissed off.

Also, while both signs are willing to compromise, they draw the line at doing it too much. “Libra wants Pisces to understand what they like and want, and accommodate to a certain extent instead of Libra feeling they are compromising,” Page says. But, if it’s too much, she says, then Pisces will feel like they’re being taken advantage of. Conversation and honesty is key here, she notes.

What happens when a Libra and a Pisces don’t see eye-to-eye?

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Fighting is never easy, and that’s true with Libra and Pisces, too. “Pisces will avoid, disappear, withdraw into their own world, and Libra can take a passive-aggressive attitude to hopefully get the attention of Pisces,” Page says. But, unfortunately for Libra, Pisces “probably won’t pick up on those cues.” That’s why upfront talks about what’s really going on are so crucial with these two.

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