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The Zodiac Signs Of The Selling Sunset Cast (& How They Embody Them)


The recent season of Selling Sunset left fans in shock with the drama and new feuds developing in The Oppenheim Group. How the cast members handle confrontations, such as crashing birthday parties to asking for a one-on-one, not only makes the show one of the best drama-filled reality shows to binge on Netflix but it also reflects their unique personalities.

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Many fans would agree that the traits of many cast members derive from their zodiac sign. Zodiac signs can define a person’s emotions and influence their behaviors, and it’s no different for the cast of Selling Sunset. By knowing each cast member’s zodiac sign, fans can begin to understand the logic behind each cast member being more defensive or shy than another member. Fans may also be able to see themselves in the cast member that shares their zodiac sign.


Chrishell Stause – Cancer

Chrishell’s birthday is July 21, 1981, and, as well as being the best main character in Selling Sunset, she defines the personality of many Cancers that fans know and love. Fans watch Chrishell have a tough season 3 with an unexpected divorce and managing the horrible press. However, like many Cancers who are self-protective and sensitive, she was vulnerable on camera, often shedding tears and describing her heartbreak.

But in season 4, Chrishell took the time to nurture herself and come back to the show stronger than ever by buying her own house and cutting out the toxic energy from Christine and Davina. Chrishell’s character growth on the show embodies the attitude of many Cancers who are defensive yet gentle to themselves and their loved ones.

Christine Quinn – Libra

Christine was born on October 14, 1988, and has delivered some of Selling Sunset‘s best fan-favorite moments. Christine’s Libra energy sees her aiming to be refined and have harmony in all areas of life. Though these qualities may not be seen by fans because of Christine’s desire to be popular in the office, in Christine’s own way, she does try to provide a sense of equality.

In fact, Christine’s welcoming nature, which is typical of Libras, is seen in her relationship with the new cast member Vanessa Viillela in season 4. Her desire for tranquility is also seen when she admits to missing Mary and their friendship. However, Christine’s desire for diplomacy is not always possible because of her unwillingness to acknowledge her mistakes.

Heather Rae El Moussa – Virgo

Heather Rae Young on Selling Sunset season 4

Born September 16, 1987, Heather is a Virgo upholding the typical traits of being shy but analytical. As such, Heather usually keeps to herself and focuses her energy on herself and her husband Tarek. She also knows when to put herself first, abandoning her loyalty to Christine after realizing her co-star’s priority is always maintaining her own image.

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Heather shows fans that while she may sometimes be in her own world she has sharp senses in social settings and knows herself well. In fact, during season 4, Heather admitted to rashes appearing on her body when she is stressed and uses these signs to detect the issue in her social life. These details have made many Selling Sunset fans change their opinions of Heather.

Amanza Smith – Sagitarrius

Amanza Smith is a Sagittarius born on December 12, 1976. Sagittariuses are known for their independence and outspokenness. Amanza embodies these traits not only in her work as an agent and interior designer but also in her love for her children.

Her journey as a single mom has had its ups and downs, but her work ethic gave her a new level of independence from her ex-partner. In addition, she made the decision to take legal action against her husband despite the unwanted outcome of him not being present. Her actions and big heart underline how Amazan embodies the bold traits of the Sagittarius sign.

Jason Oppenheim – Aries

jason oppenheim Selling Sunset star

One of the founding members of The Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim is an Aries born on April 12, 1977. Jason is regarded for his leadership skills, pushing agents to their fullest potential and testing their real estate knowledge.

He has the Aries trait of being aggressive in his leadership style, exemplified in confrontations on the show like when he questioned Christine about her office dynamics or confronted Davina about re-joining the team. His position as leader of the team and the measures he takes is always underscored by his Aries energy.

Romain Bonnet – Gemini

Romain Bonnet is a Gemini born on June 18, 1993. Geminis are regarded for being talkative and adaptable. Romain is open to creating a fun space for Mary and her friends to have a “Girls’ Night” at their place but also adapts his fun-loving attitude to defend Mary in social settings.

Romain’s attitude can also be different depending on who he is around, which is another typical trait of the Gemini sign. For instance, his changing opinion of Davina at the beginning of the show to season 4 indicates his versatility as a fun partygoer to being intuitive about people and their intentions.

Vanessa Villela – Aquarius

Vanessa Villela on Selling Sunset season 4

One of the newest cast members of Selling Sunset, Vanessa Villela was born January 28, 1978. She is an Aquarius and her attitude reflects the common Aquarius traits of being assertive, optimistic yet idealistic.

Vanessa aims to keep the peace in the office by being the bridge between Christine and the other agents. She even goes out of her way to give Christine resources to heal, hoping to resolve the conflict in the office to hope for a better team experience.

Maya Vander – Pisces

Maya Vander is a Pisces born on March 12, 1982. Maya is free-spirited and compassionate. Unlike many agents in the office, Maya does not share a lot of her thoughts or personal life. In addition, she chooses to not look at situations in a one-sided manner.

Her reserved and sympathetic Pisces nature is seen in her relationship with Christine. She looks at the reasoning and all perspectives of Christine’s actions. And as a Pisces, Maya thinks with her heart and hopes for the best.

Brett Oppenheim – Aries

Brett Oppenheim is another co-founder of The Oppenheim Group and was born as an Aries on April 12, 1977. Like his twin brother, he shares the same Aries qualities of leadership and aggression but is straightforward, which explains why their group is one of the best in the real estate industry.

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Unlike Jason, Brett has the Aries quality of being very direct about what he expects or wants. He makes decisions that he knows are best for the team rather than taking the time to think of a strategy that accommodates every person’s agenda.

Mary Fitzgerald – Libra

Mary Fitzgerald on Selling Sunset season 4

Mary Fitzgerald is a Libra born on September 24, 1983. She is not afraid to express her emotions and be open to confrontation, trying to stop the endless drama seen on screen between her and Christine. Her ability to be fair defines her early relationship with Christine but Mary decides to cut her out of her life in a move that demonstrates her respect for herself.

Like many Libras, Mary is respectful and diplomatic, traits also seen in her fellow Libra Christine. However, the two do differ in some areas of their personalities. While Christine is happy to perpetuate drama, Mary just wants a fair, respectful relationship with Christine – just with an apology.

Tarek El Moussa – Leo

Tarek El Moussa Heather Rae Young

On August 21, 1981, Tarek El Moussa was born a Leo. Heather’s partner goes of his way to soothe Heather and support her endeavors as an agent. His generosity and warmth that serve to lift Heather up demonstrate his Leo traits.

Tarek is always encouraging Heather to be her best self such as telling her not to let Christine take control of her attitude and leaving before she does something she regrets.

Emma Hernan – Cancer

Selling Sunset Emma Hernan

Emma Hernan is a Cancer born on July 14, 1991. An iconic moment for many fans, Emma made a bold entrance on the show – openly discussing her relationship with Christine despite not knowing how others may react in the office. Like many Cancers, Emma is gentle but defensive about her business and her identity, which is seen in how she gracefully navigates working with Christine.

Emma defines boss energy, handling multiple businesses, but when Christine crosses a line, she does not engage. Rather, she counteracts Christine’s attitude with the truth, embodying the Cancer trait of being open and honest.

Davina Potratz – Capricorn

Davina smiling and wearing a pink dress on Selling Sunset

Davina Potratz was born on December 29, 1980, and is a Capricorn. Davina tries her best to outdo everyone in the office. Her ambition reflects the main trait of a Capricorn. However, it doesn’t always work in her favor as it has cost her reputation as a realtor by overpricing a listing and also caused mistrust with Jason and Brett.

Davina’s tenacity, another Cancer trait, is also the reason for her bad relationship with Chrishell. However, it also fuels her determination to become a better co-worker.

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