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The AstroTwins Partner With Valspar To Match Newly-Launched Color Palette With Zodiac Signs


Since my 20s, I always looked forward to the start of a new day, week or month. It wasn’t just the excitability of what lied ahead based on the plans I had made or the pleasantness of a surprise that packed enough oomph to make each of them. It also meant opening my browser to Elle Magazine to read my horoscope by Ophira and Tali Edut (most notably, celebrity astrologists The AstroTwins) to ascertain what was in store for Taurus. Could a promotion be in the works? Would I be booking my next flight to explore the culture and cuisine of a country I’ve never been to? Would it be time for a drastic makeover of my home or soul? Would love by found with someone of a totally different background than mine?

Taurus is matched to Gilded Linen, a creamy white that represents fresh starts.

While meticulously reading each highly-descriptive and informative line with the laser-sharp focus of figuring a Sodoku puzzle, I’d consider the events in my personal life, the turn of a new season, and the dates of certain goals I had mapped out to make parallels to decipher possible meanings. I soaked up the information in these horoscopes, which I would use as spiritual guidance, like I would a starry night’s sky. Just as one could image my jubilation upon reading a favorable prediction (or friendly caveat), one could also imagine my astonishment when the email arrived in my inbox from my editor this month assigning me an article to write about my personalized reading for 2022 with one-half of the AstroTwins, Tali herself. Recently, the Twins teamed up with Valspar, American manufacturer of paint and coatings and a Sherwin-Williams company, to match the 12 zodiac signs with each of its newly-launched, nature-inspired colors for the new year. These include delightful moon, mountain river, fired earth, rustic oak and mine – gilded lined for Taurus (but more on that later.)

Given the opportunity, and connecting the dots looking backwards, I couldn’t help but to think it was written in the stars that we meet after years of admiring Tali and her sister’s psychic abilities and superstar analytical and creative writing chops from behind a screen.

Meeting and speaking with Tali (well, e-meeting thanks to Zoom) needless to say, made my day, week and year. Dressed stylishly in retro glasses, blue eyeshadow and her bleached-blonde hair slicked back in a ponytail with a unicorn sweater, Tali began with a warm hello after which I humbly expressed my gratitude and admiration for her and her sister’s spellbinding literature. Following a brief meeting of the minds of two ambivert-writer-empaths, she provided a reading for my zodiac sign (Taurus) and my color for 2022. We began with my birthdate, place and time of birth: May 13, 1987, 3:34 p.m. in Englewood, New Jersey. In seconds, Tali created my personal astrological map which we would spend the next hour navigating. While my mother often told me the story of it being a beautiful spring afternoon on the day I was born (it was also an easy birth; my mom was in a regular hospital room and not a delivery room when I was born within the hour after her water broke!), I also learned from Tali that it was a full moon that day and that my moon sign is in Scorpio.

While the full moon is inherently linked to a degree of lunacy, people of this nature are likened to a “psychic sponge,” she said, and emotionally intelligent, picking up easily on others’ states of mind, though not everyone fully “gets” our depth of feeling. On the flipside to feeling at times, misunderstood, the sun, or the essence of my personality, she explained, is in Taurus in the eighth house of hospitality and beauty. As a foodie and creative writer who values quality cuisine just as much as a great piece of artwork on a canvas, screen or book, I found her reading stunningly accurate.

While many people develop this certain “depth of feeling” overtime, people like myself are born with it. Though it comes with complications of being labeled too sensitive, Scorpio Moons (Tali included!) are a lot stronger than we think when faced with and overcoming adversity. While the sensitivity is oft-times considered a curse, it is a blessing for writers like myself as we are expressive and creative on paper. I was elated, but not overly surprised, to hear that social planet Mercury, a Gemini, is in the ninth house of publishing, apropos placement, she said, for a writer. It was refreshing to hear I possessed the gift of telling people’s stories in a wonderful way and having the patience to undergo comprehensive and thoughtful interviews.

With a lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 19, Tali left me with the advice to wear my insides out. In her words, to “be the garden more than the gardener.” It also makes sense for such a colorful persona to want to retreat to a serene living area. Taurus’ power room color for 2022 is gilded linen: a creamy white to represent the fresh blank slate Tauruses have before them in the new year. A color, she said, “invites you to envision limitless possibilities for yourself.” What’s more, I had mentioned my participation on the cross-country team in high school and communicated my most recent desire to lace up my Asics and pick running back up. (A commonplace new year’s resolution, yes, but one that engenders new meaning for me.) Gilded linen’s companion colors, blanched thyme and rustic oak, are emblematic of nature and staying rooted in one’s true self.

“It’s not about getting lost in the forest,” Tali mused. “You want to come out into that open field as well.” 

With tides expected to turn for Taurus in the next few years, Tali wished me a supernova in 2022 before motioning a virtual kiss good-bye. While a supernova seemed far-fetched as I pondered the idea further while closing my laptop, from the looks of that evening’s full moon, the prospects of that happening didn’t seem too far off.

Feeling inspired to view your zodiac sign’s Valaspar color? Head to https://astrostyle.com/2022-color-of-the-year-valspar/ to learn more. 

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