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Leo Personality Traits: 5 Secrets and characteristics about people with this zodiac sign


An imaginary crown on their heads, and a throne that nobody else but only they could see, Leos are the kings and queens of their own world. Righteous, courageous, attention seekers, optimistic, goal-oriented, and go-getters, all these adjectives and more can be synonymous with a Leo. To sum it up, a Leo is anything but normal.

These signs ruled by fire are, of course, fierce, confident and outrageous. They have a charisma that no other sign can handle. While Leos are, often, defined as bold and outgoing, a hidden fact is that they can be as delicate as a flower, at times.

So, before you say you know a Leo inside out, here are 5 secrets, according to astrology, that you should keep abreast of.

Leo zodiac sign

Leos are emotional

While most Leos you know may pretend to be tough and rigid, they are emotional from the inside. A bad argument with their loved ones, and their heart will pound. They will act strong in front of the world but deep down they are extremely emotional people.

Leo is emotional

The pursuit of perfection may be killing them from inside

Almost everybody knows that Leos are perfectionists. They always run after scoring the best and emerging as the winner of all races they are in. However, this may be killing them from inside. The constant urge to seek perfection in everything they do or plan sometimes sounds like a distant dream. And to counter this, a Leo will always work extra hard to make it come true. This is why, once they are able to achieve it, they will find themselves exhausted and broken.

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Their kind personality makes them vulnerable

While most think that it’s almost impossible to mess with a Leo, and it can be true, too, at times, the fact that they have the ability to trust a lot of people and always see kindness as their mantra, makes them vulnerable. Their close ones, often, take their kindness for granted and a Leo, often, fails to recognise them.

They are die-hard romantics

Leos are the best of lovers. For them, their relationships are their priority. They strive to keep their partner happy and will never fail to surprise them with their actions and unconditional love. A Leo always loves deeply and wants to be loved back in the same way. While they are not big fans of movies, this doesn’t make them any less romantic.

Leos are romantic

Leos never give people too many chances

If you are the one who is earning back Leo’s trust several times, even after leaving them feel betrayed, you must know that you are the chosen one. Because a Leo never trusts the same people again and again, once you have lost their trust it will be hard to get it back. While a Leo may give you a couple of chances to undo your actions, if taken for granted they will forgive and forget you. However, they will be the first person to help you whenever you are in need but that doesn’t mean you have got them back in your life. So, if a Leo is giving you multiple chances, you better know that you have a piece of their heart, or maybe the whole of it.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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