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Which Holiday Rom-Com Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


There’s a special kind of romantic comedy when it comes to the holiday season. The movies that pair people up against the backdrop of Christmas trees and Santa’s sleigh tend to feature two kinds of people: those who believe in the magic and love associated with the season, and those who are skeptics. Despite seeming like idealists and cynics are the only ones falling in love for the holidays, those two personality traits actually fall in amongst many others.

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In fact, it’s easy to discern zodiac signs when examining some of the most iconic – and even some new additions – to the romantic comedies of the holiday season. While the more cynical of characters probably wouldn’t put much stock in the signs, the dreamers would be intrigued.


Aries: Frank (Scrooged)

Bill Murray Scrooged

The first fire sign of the zodiac is known for being passionate and preferring actions over words. Aries even has a reputation for being impulsive. While Scrooged‘s Frank wouldn’t be described as impulsive by many, he is certainly a man of passion; his passions just shift over time.

In this 1980s take on A Christmas Carol, Frank cares more about money and ratings than anything else, until some Christmas ghosts remind him of who he used to be. While Frank is initially combative, just as an Aries would be in his situation, he eventually understands and changes his ways.

Taurus: Harry (When Harry Met Sally)

The ending of When Harry Met Sally

When zodiac fans think of the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, they think of the traits most commonly associated with Taurus. The Taurus is a sign who likes routine, is set in their ways, and doesn’t like to admit when someone’s been able to change their mind.

Harry of When Harry Met Sally fame certainly fits the bill. He’s annoyed at the interruptions to his life caused by Sally when he eventually meets her, though the two do become friends, and eventually more. Much of his speeches about men and women unable to be just friends, he would think, are proven right by his falling in love with Sally. Though the real world knows he’s not, like any Taurus, the audience wouldn’t be able to change his mind.

Gemini: Zachary (The Nine Lives Of Christmas)

Brandon Routh and Kimberley Sustad pose with kittens to promote The Nine Lives of Christmas for Hallmark

The Nine Lives Of Christmas is such a beloved Hallmark Christmas movie that it got a sequel in 2021. At the center of both stories is Zachary, a fireman who ends up being adopted by a stray cat, which leads him to love. Like a lot of Geminis, Zachary is a little afraid of commitment, and not always great at making a decision.

Zachary also exhibits the more positive traits of the sign though, as someone charming and friendly. Everyone that meets him gets along with him, and he’s never someone who actively tries to be the center of attention; he just wants to help. In fact, he so badly wants to help that he lets a nearly complete stranger move into a house he’s renovating with her cat when she loses her lease!

Cancer: Iris (The Holiday)

Iris in The Holiday

When Iris decides to offer up her house for a swap during the holiday season, she does it to escape the pain of finding out the man she has feelings for is engaged to someone else. Iris feels so much, and she tries so hard not to show it, all the while seeing the good in everyone, that she can’t be any sign other than a Cancer.

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Though Iris tries to stand back and observe in her new surroundings initially, she manages to make new friends, like an aging screenwriter, fairly quickly. Cancers, in touch with their emotional side and incredibly loyal, form fast and lasting attachments.

Leo: Isla (A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish)

Isla talks to Kat at their job as Christmas elves in A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish

Isla’s story might not be the love story of this live-action Cinderella with a Christmas twist, but she’s one of the greatest best friends a rom-com’s main character can have. Bubbly and always ready for a good time, Isla pushes her best friend Kat to follow her dreams every chance she gets.

Leos, however, aren’t just great friends with a certain amount of charm; they also love to be the life of the party themselves. That’s evident in Isla’s enjoyment in performing as part of her holiday job. She also doesn’t encourage Kat at the expense of her own dreams, taking the chance to design costumes for a holiday gala.

Virgo: Kate (Last Christmas)

Last Christmas has all the hallmarks of a holiday rom-com, even if it doesn’t quite end the way audiences might expect. Kate, at the center of the story, isn’t the typical nurturing and perfectionist Virgo when the movie starts, but as it progresses, the audience can see her Virgo characteristics emerge.

Kate likes to be the one in charge of plans, which is one of the reasons she and her mother butt heads so often. She also is incredibly kind, though she hides it in her unhappiness at times. The audience gets to see her planning instincts emerge when she takes on creating a Christmas program and when she plays matchmaker for her boss. Kate might show off the more pragmatic side of Virgo, but she’s still definitely the Earth sign.

Libra: Nick (Single All The Way)

Nick making an "are you serious" face in Single All The Way

Libras are known as people pleasers, and sometimes, that’s interpreted as them being fake, but that’s not the case. They’re very good at seeing all of the sides in a conflict, which makes them great peacemakers. Nick certainly shows that side of a Libra in Single All The Way.

He’s both charming and sociable as he spends his holidays with his best friends family. Nick gets along with literally everyone in Single All The Way. He even encourages his best friend to date another guy, despite his own feelings, trying to encourage him to explore his options when he considers moving back home.

Scorpio: Mark (Love Actually)

Scorpios can often be cast in the villain role in pop culture since they have a tendency to be very secretive about their feelings, but they also usually take an aggressive approach to their goals. Mark doesn’t do the latter so much in Love, Actually, but he certainly tries to put some distance between himself and his crush – who happens to be his best friend’s new wife.

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When he finally decides to stop hiding his feelings and tell her the truth, Mark does it in a dramatic Scorpio fashion so that Juliet understands exactly where he’s coming from.

Sagittarius: Sloane (Holidate)

Sloan and Jackson stand by a Christmas tree in Holidate poster art

Sagittarius is often seen as a blind optimist, looking at the glass half-full – but that’s only one common trait for the sign, and definitely not one that Holidate’s Sloane would claim. Instead, Sloane has more in common with the freedom-loving and blunt-talking aspects of a Sagittarius personality.

Sloane doesn’t hold back when she disagrees with family members, or her holidate Jackson for that matter. She also wants to live life on her own terms, which is why she makes a deal with her holidate to attend family gatherings in the first place.

Capricorn: Natalie (Love Hard)

Josh staring at Natalie as she decorates the Christmas Tree in Love Hard

A newer addition to the holiday rom-com genre, Love Hard sees Natalie take the plunge and fly across the country to meet someone in person she’s been talking to online. She picks Christmas to do it, and finds her world turned upside down by the lies he told.

Natalie holds the truth in high regard, just as most Capricorns are honest to a fault. She’s also an incredibly driven person, even using her own personal life as inspiration for her column. Natalie has the ambition, honesty, and discipline of a Capricorn down.

Aquarius: Abby (The Holiday Calendar)

Kat Graham and Quincy Brown in The Holiday Calendar

Aquarius is a sign known for being unpredictable and even rebellious. They walk their own path, and are incredibly creative. The Holiday Calendar’s Abby, who finds her holiday season magically foreshadowed by an advent calendar is pretty great fit for the sign.

She works as a photographer, despite her parents wanting her to take a more practical path in life. Abby believes in magic, and doesn’t stand for anyone making fun of her for it.

Pisces: Buddy (Elf)

Buddy the Elf lives his life in a dramatic fashion, walking from the North Pole to New York to find his father and announcing he’s in love with Jovie to anyone who will listen. That willingness to share his emotions so freely and make for a long journey is textbook Pisces.

Pisces also tend to be incredibly creative, just as Buddy is with his sugary food combinations and his Christmas decorations. Often called the daydreamers of the zodiac, Pisces is a perfect fit for Buddy.

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