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The 14 Best Gifts for the Capricorn Zodiac Sign 2021


Congrats, grad. You’ve made it out of the nonstop rager that is Sagittarius season with energy to spare—and you’re going to need it for Capricorn season (December 22 to January 19), which ushers in one of the staunchest and scariest toughest earth signs of the zodiac. 

Finding the best gift for Capricorns is a bit like finding a masochist a new wall upon which to bang their head: easy, but not necessarily fun. How do you give a fun gift to the sign with the most hard-ass reputation? Consider fellow earth sign Taurus, who will always be down to have a chill, relaxing night in with some joints and an impeccable sushi platter. Capricorn is also a homebody, but they’ll be making a to-do list and checking it twice on their night in (sound familiar, Virgos? Well, we already covered your beautiful earthy buns with a gift guide). Sure, Virgos are also master list-makers, but Capricorn is truly next-level. This sign is busy making spreadsheets while Virgo is still looking for a pen, and they’re detail-oriented—not for the sake of delighting in intricacy, but because they’re a BO$$ who will work on their passion project until it turns into an empire. You think Dollywood was built in a day? Pfffft. It was built by Capricorn supreme, Miss Dolly Parton, after a lifetime of work. 

Capricorns are sensitive in their own way, but lean towards pessimism only because they’re logically minded people. We don’t know the zodiac signs of the Muppets, but Oscar the Grouch is 100,000,000% a Capricorn (with a Pisces moon). So if we roast you, dearest Cappy, it’s only because we’re jealous of your self-discipline. Your zodiac sign is the (half) goat, literally, and takes climbing to the top of wherever it wants to be very seriously. You’re not the most spontaneous sign, but you clock excellence when you see it and inspire it in those around you. As we shop for your sign of the zodiac, we’ll be looking for the best Capricorn gifts to keep you organized, and ahead-of-the-curve.  

Sounds of Capricorn

Unsurprisingly, two of the most towering musical talents, Miss Dolly Parton and the late David Bowie, were born under the Capricorn star sign. It’s no wonder they’ve had such expansive, successful careers. We’ll be celebrating them with Dolly’s greatest hits and (in true Capricorn fashion) Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World. 


The Man Who Sold The World (LP)


Dolly Parton Greatest Hits

Work is life 

This comfy laptop desk is one of the Rec Room editors’ best products of 2021, and given that your Capricorn is the first to sign on to Slack in the morning, they will appreciate the power of working from bed even more. 

Precision in the kitchen

If your Capricorn loves to cook and entertain, they will appreciate kitchen tools that help them reach next-level excellence with their recipes, so gift them a scale for ultimate precision when measuring. Go for the classic, retro countertop double scale if they also have some Libra in their chart (Libra will appreciate the dedication to aesthetics), or else a sleek scale that stores easily, such as this Amazon best-seller, which is on the same efficiency wavelength of Capricorn: 

Greater Goods

Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

Another kitchen tool that makes a great gift is a stone mortar and pestle set. Not only does it make us feel like a medieval laird, but it’s a perfectly apropos gift for the sign that is always on the grind:

Kota Japan

Marble Mortar & Pestle Stone Grinder

Rise and shine

The Loftie isn’t just another alarm clock. It’s a wake-up call wrapped in a sunrise that’s hooked up with a Bluetooth speaker, serves as a sound machine, and will help your Cap take a little distance from their smartphone. We love the thoughtfulness of the two-phase alarm feature, which gently lulls you awake at the initial sounding, and then comes in with a B A N G E R  second alarm to actually get you out of bed.  

Aesthetic tech accessories

We have an entire aesthetic tech gift guide that’s perfect for Capricorns, because it’s filled with all the laptop cases and cable organizers to keep their workflow groovin’, including these leather cord wraps:


Full Grain Leather Cord Wrap Set

Because they keep it cool

Capricorns basically popped out of the womb with sunglasses on, that’s how cool they are. But an Aquarius friend probably borrowed and lost them at some point, so scoop these Marine Serre shades—which are 57% off their normal price of $415, and exactly the energy your Cap needs to bring into 2022 with those gunmetal frames, smoked amber lenses, and the signature crescent moon dangling from the sides. 

Marine Serre

Gunmetal Vuarnet Edition Swirl-Frame Oval Sunglasses

Calendars and planners

If anyone has multiple calendars and planners, it’s your dearest Capricorn—how perfect, then, that their sign’s season falls under the new year? Get them a 2022 planner from Papier


2022 Mushrooms Planner


Checkmade 2022 Planner

If your Cap already has their Gregorian calendar for the new year, get them a lunar calendar. Even if they’re not an esoteric bro, the graphics are just *chef’s kiss* perfect, and your bud will appreciate gaining more knowledge than the average worm about the phases of the moon.  

Equihnox Astrology

2022 Moon Phase Calendar


2022 Moon Calendar

Prepare their coffee for them

It’s likely that your Capricorn is a coffee drinker, because it’s only 9 a.m. and they’ve already done all of this [points to your taxes] just because they can. The gift of more caffeination is one they’ll appreciate, and La Colombe coffee is doing a gift subscription promo with 20% off all this week with the code GIFTS20, so you can provide them with three months of coffee (with the grind of their choice):

La Colombe

3 Month Coffee Subscription Gift

We also love the bright, full-bodied roast of On the Go Jo, a coffee and tea company that is Black-woman owned, and produced and roasted by women:

On the Go Jo

Rise Up: Rwanda/Burundi Blend

On the Go Jo is a Black-owned business selected as part of Black+, an initiative by VICE Media Group and The National Urban League to support Black Entrepreneurs with free marketing and mentorship opportunities.

A trip somewhere to chill TF out

A weekend jaunt (with Wi-Fi; let’s be real) is the gift a Capricorn probably doesn’t know they need, but will definitely appreciate. Book them a non-traditional romantic vacation, or round up your vaccinated buds for a weekend at this resort-like retreat in the Hudson Valley that looks like a portal to Bali, Indonesia. It’s spread over 7.5 acres of wooded surroundings, including grasslands, a spring-fed pod, a hot tub, and a bathtub next to a working fireplace. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 4.59.42 PM.png

Hudson Valley Bali House Retreat; sleeps up to 8, $771/night at Airbnb

See you next month, when it’ll be time to shop for Aquarius and their 10,000 hobbies. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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