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How To Unlock New Zodiac Animal Figurines


Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduces eleven new Zodiac animal figurines available seasonally at Nook Shopping or from the fortune teller Katrina.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons latest update, version 2.0.4, introduced eleven new animal figurines to celebrate the Chinese New Year. These new figurines are only available during the in-game New Year’s event, from December 22 to January 5 every year. Each new Zodiac figurine costs 1,600 bells each from Nook Shopping.

The Zodiac ox figurine and Zodiac tiger figurine were already available for purchase in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Shopping, but the newly introduced figurines include the Zodiac rabbit figurine, Zodiac dragon figurine, Zodiac sheep figurine, Zodiac rat figurine, Zodiac snake figurine, Zodiac horse figurine, Zodiac monkey figurine, Zodiac rooster figurine, Zodiac dog figurine, Zodiac pig figurine, and Zodiac boar figurine. Each figurine can be purchased from the Special Goods section in the Nook Shopping app or can be bought using the kiosk in Resident Services during the New Year’s event.


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Players will not be able to purchase all thirteen Zodiac figurines at once. Only the figurine corresponding to the upcoming year’s sign will be available for purchase. For instance, because 2022 is the year of the tiger, the Zodiac tiger figurine is available for purchase from Nook Shopping from December 22, 2021, until January 5, 2022. Players may want to time travel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons if they hope to acquire all thirteen Zodiac figurines without waiting years to obtain the decorative items.

AC:NH: Getting Zodiac Figurines From Katrina

ACNH 2.0 Fortune Teller Katrina

If players seek a specific figurine, they will want to set the date on their console to the appropriate year. For instance, the Zodiac rat figurine is available to celebrate the years 2020 and 2032, while the Zodiac ox figurine is purchasable in early 2021 and 2033. Of note, because the Zodiac boar figurine and Zodiac pig figurine both represent the same sign of the Chinese Zodiac, they are both available for purchase at the beginning of the year for 2031 and 2043. The figurines will continue to cycle, with each figurine being available for sale once every eleven years.

There is another method for players who may not want to time travel but still hope to obtain the Zodiac animal figurines without waiting years. Players can visit the fortune teller Katrina at her booth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons plaza at Harvey’s Island once they purchase her plot for 100,000 bells. If she gives the player a bad fortune, they have the option to purchase a Purification effect for 10,000 bells. If players do not buy her Purification effect, their bad luck will cause them to trip throughout the day and cause their tools to break faster.

Once players purchase a Purification effect from Katrina, she will perform a Purification spell to rid the player of their bad fortune. Additionally, she will mail the player a random item the next day, such as the Gold Turtle, Horseshoe Door Decoration, and Mini Dharma items. Katrina can mail the player one of the Zodiac figurines with the latest update. Additionally, Katrina in Animal Crossing: New Horizons mails these items randomly, so players have a chance to obtain any of the thirteen Zodiac animal figurines from her without time traveling.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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