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The MCU Villain You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Emil Blonsky is a former special-ops commander of the British Royal Marines who is so addicted to life as a soldier that he even turns down a promotion so he can keep destroying humans — making him the perfect guy for General “Thunderbolt” Ross to recruit in his hunt for the Hulk.

But being both a psychopath and an Aries, Blonsky is so committed to proving his mettle on this dangerous mission that he decides to “upgrade” himself to ensure his success. He attempted this with a knock-off of the serum that turned a 98-pound weakling into Chris Evans and affords its subject enhanced endurance, durability, and recklessness.

Of course, in typical spring-baby fashion, that still isn’t enough for Blonsky, so he forces Dr. Samuel Sterns to transfuse him with Bruce Banner’s gamma-irradiated blood, which mixes with the serum already inside him to create a monstrosity that Sterns cleverly calls “Abomination.” That way, Blonsky can get his butt kicked by ol’ Jade Jaws himself, but with way more CGI than before.

It’s worth noting, though, that this is the day in the life of just one Aries; the day of an average Aries probably doesn’t end with them turning Harlem into rubble. Still, the average Aries can at least identify with Blonsky-slash-Abomination’s warriorlike “annihilate now, think later” approach to solving life’s big, green, and angry problems, as well as his general disregard for pesky things like risk, consequences, and public property.

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