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3 Zodiac Signs Who Meet Someone New Starting December 21, 2021


Out with the old and in with the new, says the old expression that somehow always seems disrespectful.

Yet, this is based on the principle of change, if we are to receive, we have to make room for those gifts to come to us.

We must make a conscious effort to rid ourselves of whatever negativity lurks in our hearts, minds, and lives, so that we can, indeed, live in the light.

The less mental-emotional baggage we carry around, the easier it is to let new people in.

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When we free ourselves from our past, we walk into the future where all is possible. Moon Sextile Uranus brings us this hope, this possibility, but it comes at a cost, and that cost is perseverance.

Stick with everything that you’re doing now to better yourself. Never give up on yourself, but above all, know that if you draw to you a person whom you may at one point called ‘partner’ or ‘lover’ then do yourself a solid by manifesting someone worthy of your time and your attention.

Moon Sextile Uranus will bring someone new to you, use your powers of magnetism to attract the right one this time.

Zodiac Signs Who Meet Someone New During The Moon Sextile Uranus Starting December 21, 2021:


(March 21 – April 19)

You’re going to meet someone new, around December 21, during Moon Sextile Uranus, and it’s because that is exactly what you want to happen.

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