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No Way Home Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


One of the things that makes the Spider-Man movies (and the Marvel Cinematic Universe more generally) so infinitely compelling and rich is its reliance on character. The people that appear in these movies feel like living, breathing individuals rather than just cardboard cutouts or stereotypes. As a result, they all demonstrate that they have their own internal lives and their own values- and No Way Home brings them all together.

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Thus, it can be helpful to think about them through the lens of their zodiacs, in order to reveal even more hidden depths and complexity to their personalities.


Aries – Peter Parker (Garfield)

One of the big surprises of this movie was the inclusion of Andrew Garfield as one of the Peter Parkers, and he quickly shows that he has his own distinct personality. He has the drive and charisma of the Aries and, just as importantly, he also shows that he is loyal and protective to a fault. Indeed, he still carries around his loyalty to Gwen Stacey, and he continues to blame himself for her death. As a result, he sees this new quest as a means to redeem himself.

Taurus – MJ

Spider-Man No Way Home MJ Peter Twitter Easter eggs

The Taurus can be one of the more stubborn signs, and it’s also true that they can be a bit pessimistic, their inherent reasonableness often outweighing some of the more optimistic sides of their personality. MJ has this personality trait in spades, and she firmly believes that being a pessimist is an ideal means of keeping herself from being confronted with the more disappointing aspects of modern life. In that sense, she’s a perfect counterpart to Peter.

Gemini – Lizard


An image of the Lizard pulling Peter's mask off in The Amazing Spider-Man

Lizard is one of the villains from The Amazing Spider-Man that leaps into the MCU as a result of the botched spell. As he did with the original movie in which he appeared, he shows that he has two sides of his personality, a key aspect of the Gemini personality. On the one hand, he’s a sophisticated mind and a clear-eyed perspective on the world.

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On the other, he’s an egomaniac who is utterly convinced that his vision of the world is the one that should be followed.

Cancer – Peter Parker (Maguire)

spiderman no way home tobey maguire merch

In some ways, Tobey Maguire is the paradigmatic Spider-Man, and he continues to cast a long shadow. When he appears in this version, he’s a bit more careworn than his earlier iteration, but he still shows many of the traits of the Cancer. In particular, he is deeply sensitive and compassionate, and he constantly takes the other two Spider-Mans under his wing, giving them the guidance and support that they need as they confront the villains.

Leo – Peter Parker (Holland)

Tom Holland in Spider-Suit in No Way Home

Spider-Man is sure to be seen as one of Tom Holland’s best roles, and he continues to demonstrate that he has a powerful charm and charisma that is all his own. He has all of the traits that are traditionally associated with Leos, including a certain sort of assertiveness; he often believes that his way is the best way. This, of course, can land him in some hot water, which is something that frequently happens with Leos when they don’t have someone to rein in their tendencies.

Virgo – Dr. Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch has been in a number of important roles in cinema, and Dr. Strange is surely one of them. He is very much a Virgo type of character, with a sort of brutal rationality that is often at odds with the more fast-and-loose (and emotional) approach that Peter Parker takes to  the problems they confront. In particular, Dr. Strange shows almost no empathy for the villains and the fact that they will almost certainly die if they are returned to their own universes without having been cured first.

Libra – Doc Ock

Alfred Molina as Doc Ock in No Way Home with Spider-Man 2 Tentacle Spike

Doc Ock is another of the Spider-Man villains that has become iconic in his own right, due in large part to the phenomenal performance from Alfred Molina. In this movie, however, he is at last able to regain some of his original personality, and he shows that he has many of the traits of the Libra. In particular, he is committed to a vision of justice and fairness, which leads him to play a vital part in the defeat of his other villains.

Scorpio – Norman Osborn

There are few comics villains quite as terrifying as Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin, a character capable of horrendous acts of violence and cruelty. Of all of the villains that appear in this movie, he exhibits many of the dark strains of the Scorpio, one of the signs that is most associated with wanting to take revenge on those that they think have wronged them. And, of course, he is also ruthlessly ambitious, determined to conquer this new world in which he has found himself.

Sagittarius – Electro

electro spider-man no way home

There’s a fundamental instability to the Sagittarius, and it is one the signs that is known for being both very charismatic and very unpredictable. Those are both the traits that are most firmly associated with the character of Electro, who always seems to straddle the line between redemption and retrenchment.

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In fact, he rebels against Peter’s attempt to cure him at the very last moment, and it’s not until near the very end that he is ultimately restored to his old self.

Capricorn – Sandman

As with so many other heroes that appear in the MCU, Sandman has his own traumas that help to explain his personality. In fact, it’s his troubled history that ultimately leads him to become the sort of stubborn person that he is in this movie, and it’s this resoluteness that allows him to fit into the category of the Capricorn. It’s ultimately this Capricorn inflexibility that leads him astray once again, though he too attains redemption in the end.

Aquarius – Happy Hogan

Spider Man No Way Home Jon Favreau Happy Hogan

Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan is one of the most optimistic and yet enigmatic of the characters to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Like most Aquarians, he resists easy classification, and though he definitely has a great deal of fondness for both Peter Parker and Aunt May, he always seems to be keeping something of himself away from those who might want to learn more about him.

Pisces – Aunt May

Marisa Tomei as Aunt May in Spider-Man No Way Home

Along with the villains, Aunt May is one of the most iconic and important characters to appear in Spider-Man, and she is in many ways the moral center of the entire movie. She has all of the traits that one associates with the Pisces, in particular that sign’s deep sensitivity and devotion to the emotional well-being of others. So deep is her Pisces compassion, in fact, that she is willing to extend compassion and empathy to a brutal character like the Green Goblin.

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