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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During Venus Retrograde, December 2021


December 2021, Venus turns retrograde in Cappy on December 19th until January 29th, 2022, we will all be reflecting on our love lives and relationships so that we can move forward in a new way.

Depending on our sign and what houses are affected, though, determines how this will show up for us.

The theme, though, for Venus in Cappy is quite different than other transits by the planet of love.

While specifics are different, the theme here is value.

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This means we’ll be asking ourselves what we truly value, how we feel valued and who contributes to that the most.

In astrology, the big houses to pay attention for our love lives is the seventh, which rules relationships, the fourth, home, and family, and even the twelfth or eighth, which are all about secrets and sex.

Venus retrograde has an interesting history, though, which is one to pay attention to as we begin to move through the process of what it means for us and our lives.

Originally, Venus was thought to be two separate stars. During this time, she’s seen as an evening star and, later, a morning star.

It was then that it was discovered she actually descends into the underworld during her retrograde only to reemerge later.

This is part of that theme of death and rebirth that we will all see play out in different ways in our lives.

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