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Which Elf Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


When Elf released in 2003, it had just the right amount of modern snark and classic optimism to make it a Christmas classic. Led by Will Ferrell, the movie also featured an incredibly memorable cast of characters with very distinct personalities.

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Someone like Walter Hobbs likely would balk at the audience trying to equate his particular personality quirks with a zodiac sign, but Buddy the Elf would probably find astrology fascinating. He’d likely wonder why there wasn’t a Christmas version of it to begin with. In the spirit of helping Buddy understand astrology, the characters from his movie have been matched to their most fitting zodiac signs.


Aries: Buddy’s Mailroom Friend

Buddy's new friend in the mailroom looks off screen in Elf

When Buddy is sent to work in the mailroom at Walter’s publishing company, he makes a surprising new friend. The guy working next to him seems a little standoffish at first, but as he and Buddy share drinks from his flask of “syrup,” they bond over their woes.

While he isn’t named, the man in the mailroom has a big impact on Buddy’s time at the publishing house. They get everyone to stop working, after all. The man’s tendency to act before thinking is definitely an Aries trait. So is the passion with which he engages Buddy in discussions once his drink has loosened him up. Aries is one of the most fiery signs of the zodiac, and while Buddy’s mailroom friend doesn’t initially seem to show that, as the audience briefly gets to know him, he shares many of the ram’s traits[tldr_position].

Taurus: Papa Elf

Papa sits in his chair in Elf

Taurus is recognized as being the most stubborn of zodiac signs. That unyielding nature isn’t just for arguments, though; it’s a resistance to change in everyday life. Papa Elf certainly exhibits that as he hides the truth from Buddy about his parentage for 30 years.

Of course, Papa Elf keeping this secret from Buddy is also a great example of the protective instinct of a Taurus. He just wants to keep Buddy from getting hurt, and it’s not until Buddy voices that he’s ready to find his birth father that Papa Elf tells him everything he knows.

Gemini: Emily Hobbs

Emily is one of the few characters in the movie whose zodiac sign is a bit difficult to pin down. She’s got the pull toward her family that a Capricorn has, and the empathy of a Cancer. One thing that fans can point to that is a part of both of those traits though is her ability to adapt to any situation, despite the fact that the tension between her husband and his son makes her a bit anxious.

That ability to adapt is a total Gemini trait. Emily could have easily turned Buddy away at the door and not believed his stories. Instead, she rolls with his discussion of Santa Claus and his love for sugary snack foods. She even belts out Christmas carols in the park to spread some holiday cheer. Emily finds herself in what could be an incredibly awkward situation, but she makes the most of it.

Cancer: Michael Hobbs

Michael smiles in his hat and coat in Elf

Buddy’s little brother is his first ally in the Hobbs household. While Michael initially puts up a wall with his strange new big brother, he warms to him after Buddy helps him throw snowballs at some bullies.

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Michael is a deeply feeling kid. He’s clearly hurt that his father doesn’t want to spend time with him or Buddy, but he tries not to let it show. He also tries to make Buddy feel welcome and even takes to the idea of Santa being real very quickly. Michael’s tendency to see the good in people, empathize with them, and hide his emotions, is all very Cancer.

Leo: Miles Finch

miles finch from elf

Miles Finch doesn’t get a ton of screen time in the movie, but his presence looms when Walter finds the publishing company in need of a new idea for a children’s book. Everyone thinks Miles is the best thing to happen to children’s literature — and it’s clear he also thinks that about himself when the audience finally meets him.

While Leos can be incredibly charming and personable, Miles represents some of the worst parts of a Leo; the parts that need to be the most important person in the room at all costs, and the parts that jump to conclusions. Miles sees Buddy as insulting him, and he lashes out. The audience can’t really blame Miles there, but he does have an air of arrogance that keeps viewers from connecting with him.

Virgo: The Gimbels Manager

elf faizon love jovies boss

Though he’s never addressed by name in Elf, the manager at Gimbels doesn’t really need one to make it clear to the audience that he is a man on a mission. That mission is making sure every kid who comes through Gimbels tells Santa what they want for Christmas — and to get their parents to spend some money.

Virgos are often seen as the nurturing mom type of the zodiac, but this Virgo represents the more analytical side of the sign. The manager is very focused on making quotas, sticking to a schedule, and his plan working out just so. He does not take kindly to Buddy disrupting it.

Libra: Santa Claus

Buddy the Elf talking to Santa Claus

Santa Claus is just a guy who distributes toys and has a good sense of right and wrong. He observes and maintains a balance in the world, so what sign suits him better than the scales of the zodiac, Libra?

Libras are known for being peacemakers, being able to see all sides of a situation. A charming and keen observer is exactly who Santa is as he keeps an eye on everyone who believes in him all over the world, his story charming kids and adults alike.

Scorpio: Charlotte Dennon

Charlotte smiles for the camera and moves her mic to Michael in Elf

Charlotte is barely hiding her sarcasm when she reports from Central Park on the gathering crowd and the Santa sighting. It’s clear that this particular story is something she thinks is beneath her. The audience gets a further glimpse at her personality when she’s shocked by what Michael reveals about her in Santa’s list.

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Charlotte is looking for a commitment from her boyfriend, but she also gets a little aggressive when Michael reveals that on live television. Charlotte has got the makings of a Scorpio. Known for hiding their feelings, Scorpios still don’t let anything stop them from going after what they want. They also tend to love a good puzzle, which might be part of what drew Charlotte to becoming a reporter.

Sagittarius: Deb

While Sagittarius is best known as the sign with a big sense of wanderlust, Deb doesn’t get to do much traveling or soul searching in Elf. Most of her scenes are relegated to Walter’s office.

She does, however, connect with Sagittarius’ eternal optimism. Sagittarius is a “glass half full” kind of sign. Deb is always cheerful, and even ready to help a friend declaw kittens with no experience! She definitely fits the bill.

Capricorn: Walter Hobbs

Walter looks down at Michael in the conference room in Elf

Capricorns often get a bad reputation as antagonists because of their ambition in movies. It’s easy to see the villain as the most driven person with a plan. While Walter is a bit antagonistic at first, he also represents a lot of other Capricorn traits.

He’s incredibly hard-working, practical, and doesn’t put up with his time being wasted. He also puts a lot of importance on his family, though it doesn’t seem that way at first. Everything he does is to provide for them, and when his job gets in the way of that, he leaves.

Aquarius: Jovie

Jovie stands at the register in Gimbels in Elf

Aquarius is one of the most divisive signs of the zodiac because they encompass so many different personality traits. The one common through-line though is that they are individualistic and self-reliant. Aquarius is sometimes called the rebel of the zodiac because they walk their own path.

Jovie is someone who does things her way, like hanging out on Christmas Eve in her apartment eating ramen. She’s not put off by a man who believes in Santa, and she takes the lead on their first date as much as Buddy. A true Aquarius.

Pisces: Buddy

Buddy shouting for Santa in Elf (2003)

Buddy is one of Ferrell’s best characters, but also one of his most emotional, which is why he best matches with Pisces. Pisces feel everything deeply, and they aren’t shy about showing it. Whether Buddy is excited about his found family or his new girlfriend, he’s going to be sure to shout it out.

Pisces are also known for their creativity, which Buddy has in spades. He’s so good at decorating for the holidays that the Gimbels manager thinks a corporate team came in to do the job!

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