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The Princess Switch Movies-Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The Princess Switch franchise is full of wonderful characters, who take to the over-the-top, campy premise of the films well. From Stacy and Charlotte to the various members of royalty, the franchise has a lot of big personalities, which leads to a lot of love from fans. In the same broadness, the characters’ traits in the franchise can match with similarly broad traits in the Zodiac signs.

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The wide-ranging cast brings the aspects of the houses to life: mischievous, cunning, relatable, nurturing, back-stabbing and everything in between. From villains like Lady Fiona to the heroes, The Princess Switch brings the Zodiac to life in new and interesting ways.


Aries: King George

King George and Queen Caroline smiling in The Princess Switch

Aries are known for being unemotional, aloof, and uninvolved, which is evident in how King George treated his family. When he sensed something strange going on with Margaret, his soon-to-be daughter-in-law, the King tasked his butler to spy on her, rather than talk with her.

Rather than engaging with Margaret as a person, King George instead treated her like someone who wasn’t to be trusted. While this emphasizes the more negative aspects of Aries, the aloofness and lack of emotion from the King shows how these emotions can impact relationships around him.

Taurus: Queen Caroline

Queen Caroline talking to someone in The Princess Switch

The negative aspects for Taurus focused on people being narrow-minded, suspicious, and resistant to change. Unfortunately, this describes Prince Edward’s mother, Queen Caroline, quite well. While this doesn’t make the Queen evil or a wicked mother-in-law, it does make it difficult for Margaret to form a connection with her.

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Maybe it could be because someone new was potentially entering her family, but the suspicion that the Queen showed to Margaret fell in love with that resistance to change that Taurus’ tend to put up. Much like the symbol of the bull, they can be stubborn when they have formed an opinion on someone. Queen Caroline proved this because it took a lot for her to change her mind about Margaret.

Gemini: Margaret Delacourt

Margaret Delancourt smiling and looking to her left in The Princess Switch

Geminis are extroverted and clever, traits which Margaret Delacourt, Dutchess and later Queen of Mentenaro, displays in her habit of thinking on her feet.  She is most definitely an extrovert, having been raised in the public eye in her home country of Belgravia since the day she was born.  Gemini is the sign of the twins, and although Margaret and Stacy are not physical twins, their outward appearance is identical.

Cancer: Prince Edward

Prince Edward smiling in The Princess Switch

Prince Edward gifted Stacy a necklace with the Belgravian royal family crest that had the words: “truth, honor, and love”. Much like Cancer, these three words described Edward’s personality and values well. People born under the sign of Cancer are known for being their fiercely loyal and caring nature.

Edward, much like those in the Cancer house, followed his heart, which led him to Stacy. Despite being originally engaged to the “better match” of Margaret, he decided to stay with the baker from Chicago because that is where his heart truly lied.

Leo: Brianna

Brianna talking in The Princess Switch

A proper cheesy Christmas movie wouldn’t be complete without a character like Brianna, who is Stacy’s archnemesis intent on ruining her Christmas joy.  Since The Princess Switch is the best cheesy Christmas movie, according to Reddit, Brianna took this concept to new heights: winning the first Belgravia-baking competition the previous and determined to do anything to make it happen again.

This is perfectly in line with some of the negative aspects of the Leo sign, which can be very manipulative and underhanded in achieving their goals. Much like a negative Leo, Brianna doesn’t care who she hurt so long as she won in the end.

Virgo: Mrs. Donatelli

Mrs. Donatelli looking serious in The Princess Switch

Margaret’s kind assistant, Mrs. Donatelli embodied the best traits of Virgo: humble, practical, and willing to serve in order to help those around her. While a side character, she roses above typical cheesy Christmas movie tropes by showing depth and wisdom.

When Mrs. Donatelli noticed that Margaret was not happy on her wedding day to Prince Edward, she reminded her of the motto of Belgravia: “truth, honor, and love”. There was nothing about duty to be said in them. Margaret, in the end, should not have to marry for duty. With this kind of wisdom, Mrs. Donatelli proved so eloquently why she showcased the best of Virgo traits.

Libra: Lady Fiona Pembroke

Fiona and Bianca in Princess Switch 3

Fiona, the third doppelganger along with Stacy and Margaret, embodied the less desirable traits of the Libra sign: deceptive, duplicitous, and tried to play both sides of the law. Fiona is a party girl that genuinely doesn’t care about others, so long as she could have a good time. If that good time involved some crime, then so be it to Fiona.

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Libras, as Fiona proved, could be extremely over-the-top villains, such as when she kidnapped Stacy who was masquerading as Margaret in order for Fiona to be crowned Queen. It didn’t make a lick of sense for a long-term plan but proved that Libras could be conniving villains if Fiona showcased these negative traits so well.

Scorpio: Count Antonio Rossi

Lachlan Nieboer in The Princess Switch: Switched Again on Netflix

Briefly, Antonio served as Margaret’s Chief of Staff until his untrustworthy nature revealed itself in a plot worthy of textbook Scorpio. Antonio teamed up with Lady Fiona in order to help her succeed in her attempted coup, using people as his personal pawns without regard for their autonomy.

Antonio continued to show why Scorpios tend to get the worst reputation amongst the Zodiac signs by continuing to display his manipulative, secretive, and vengeful nature.

Sagittarius: Princess Olivia Richards

Olivia looking up and talking in The Princess Switch

Like many Sagittarians, Olivia is an outspoken individual who wanted to know the truth. An outgoing, fun, and spontaneous child, this joyful representation of the Saggitarius nature helped Olivia get the adults around her to do something fun. By telling Stacy that she wanted to go see “the handsome prince”, led to the older woman finding her true love.

Olivia has an outgoing and engaging personality combined with a mischievous mind, which are Saggitarius traits through and through. Unfortunately, these also led to trouble.

Capricorn: Stacy De Novo

Stacy smiling widely in The Princess Switch 3

Stacy is a high-strung co-owner of a bakery shop in Chicago with a Type-A personality and desire to succeed in her field. Like most Capricorns, she worked methodically and systematically, relying heavily upon schedules and lists to get her through her busy days.

In the instant-classic Christmas movie released in 2020, The Princess Switch 2,  Stacy has ascended to the position of Princess of Belgravia in a display of ambition of those with the Capricorn sign.

Aquarius: The Kindly Old Man

The Kindly Old Man smiling in The Princess Switch

Nameless, mysterious, and quite possibly magical, the Kindly Old Man is a perfect representation of the mystical energies of Aquarius. Stacy and Margaret encountered the Kindly Old Man several times, both in Chicago and Belgravia.

He certainly appeared to be magical, delivering a message (like a true Aquarian, the ultimate air sign) that Christmas wishes do come true. Those born under Aquarius are known for being eccentric, optimistic, and mystical, three traits that The Kindly Old Man represents exceptionally well.

Pisces: Kevin Richards

Nick Sagar in The Princess Switch: Switched Again on Netflix

Best friends with Stacy, Kevin balanced out the high-strung Capricorn with his go with the flow, easy sort of energy that perfectly embodied Pisces. Even though he noticed something was off with “Stacy” following the switch, Kevin allowed the plan to unfold and didn’t question the personality change with his friend.

In true Pisces fashion, he naturally tried to see the best in everyone and hoped for the best, rather than shut someone out prematurely.

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