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The Witcher Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Per the New York Post, Sagittarius is a thirsty sign, be it for experiences, knowledge, or pleasure. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Sagittarius can’t plan ahead, though — just that their desire for freedom and change may overrule stiff social norms. This gives them a healthy edge when it comes to adapting on the fly. 

In the context of “The Witcher,” this should mean that people from the rigid Nilfgaardian Empire are pretty much automatically disqualified. Yet the Netflix show’s most prominent Nilfgaardian presence so far, Commander Cahir, displays many signature Sagittarius traits — especially when you take into account the fact that he’s just a guy who grew up in an evil empire, and adapted accordingly. That’s not a healthy environment for a young man, but despite his dark armor, the show takes care to give him moments that prove he’s not just a cog in the villainy machine. Cahir is cordial to prisoners when he has the chance, and promptly loses his cool when Ciri manages to escape him. Both acts imply ambitions and emotions beyond your average evil minion’s range.

Even if Cahir ultimately turns out to be a base villain, he still fits the bill of a Sagittarius in search of new experiences. After all, he clearly wants to do the things he does … even though they might be pretty darn wicked. 

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