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The Venom Symbiote You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Among all the symbiotes in the Marvel universe, there is no better fit for the fire sign Aries than the OG symbiote, Venom. Though the Venom symbiote has bonded with multiple hosts throughout decades of comic book history, it is most strongly associated with Eddie Brock. Initially bonded by their mutual hatred of Spider-Man, Eddie and the Venom symbiote gradually reformed, re-branding themselves as a “Lethal Protector” and becoming a heroic tandem in the process.

Like the stereotypical Aries, Venom has demonstrated his incredible sense of determination when it comes to getting things done. Though he obviously never truly succeeded in his goal of killing Spider-Man, he certainly did make the webslinger’s life tremendously miserable when the hero was still on his radar. With the trademark bullheadedness of a ram, Venom remained fixated on his objective for a very long time, until he finally realized that his energies would be better spent defending the innocent. It took a lot of evidence and convincing for the hate-fueled symbiote to let go of his vendetta, another signature trait of Aries-born folks.

Even though the Venom symbiote has partnered up with the likes of Peter Parker, Angelo Fortunato, Flash Thompson, Mac Gargan, Lee Price, and even Eddie’s son Dylan, it has achieved a connection with Eddie like none other. With their union’s incredible strength and power, there have only been a few occasions in which they found the need to work with others, just like a true-blue Aries.

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