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The Firefly Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The sign of Aquarius –- which applies to those born between January 20 and February 18 -– is associated with the archetype of the humanitarian, and those born under the sign are known for being original, independent, and desiring personal freedom above all else. Though they are often interested in making the world a better place, their intensity means that sometimes they find themselves separate from humankind itself. This contradiction most closely typifies the struggles of one mysterious passenger on Serenity: Derrial Book.

When we first meet Book, he claims to be a Christian shepherd –- which is true –- but his history is much more complicated. Formerly an accomplished thief, Book was recruited by the Independence Movement many years prior and became a spy. As part of an undercover operation, he joined the Alliance and violently moved up their ranks until he was involved in a campaign that killed thousands. Following the war, Book became a shepherd, which he had been for 10 years by the time he boarded Serenity.

Book often acts as a spiritual advisor to the crew of Serenity, quoting the Bible and providing a voice of reason. He appears very calm and wise. The most Aquarian thing about Book is this apparent contradiction –- he appears passionate about advising others and doing good deeds, but at the same time has separated himself from the world as a result of his sins. As air signs, Aquarians are more cerebral than emotional, which certainly aligns with Book’s penchant for quoting scripture instead of revealing who he truly is inside.

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