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Astrology As a Tool To Increase Mindfulness


by Irene Shateeva

We all have experiences that have a tremendous impact on our lives. For someone it can be an acquaintance with astrology.
ThankaDhungel, an experienced astrologer, who works for Yodha Horoscope and Astrology app, aimed at giving predictions from real Vedic gurus, explains how astrology can improve your life.

Understand yourself

Astrology can teach you to get a better understanding of yourself. In Vedic astrology, there are a lot of factors, such as time, place, and date of birth, the specific calculations of planets, and much more, which make horoscopes highly precise. You start to understand yourself much better and realize what outside factors are influencing you.

Answer important questions

For example, it can help to figure out that you are not satisfied with your life just because you havechosen a wrong career path. Approaching the life from an astrological perspective, economist may realize that his best qualities are communication with people and creativity. It helps to find actual purpose in life and drastically change the career into the PR direction based on these hidden talents. It also helps to realize that in order to make your life better, you need to focus on the factors that are your weaknesses and change them into your strengths.

Improve emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your own and other people’s emotions at the time of their occurrence, which can help to rationally manage them and achieve effective results in work and life. It is a moon sign that is responsible for emotional intelligence. The Astrological moon sign provides the map which can become a booster to your emotional intelligence. It gives you the opportunity to understand the pattern of our emotional tendencies. That knowledge can drastically improve the frequency of emotional expression. In order to increase your ability to support your loved ones and yourself you need to work with the moon signs.

Achieve self-awareness

This achievement can help you to not only accept and love yourself, but also to learn more about others. Once you are at peace with yourself, you can work on creating a more mindful life filled with self-knowledge, peace, and meaning.
Control your emotions Sometimes there are outside factors, which are influencing us, such as the position of planets. As Tanka Dhungel says “When Moon and Saturn are placed in conjunction on the ascendant or when either Rahu and Moon, or Ketu and Moon, are placed in conjunction on the ascendant resulting in Eclipse, we feel anxiety, stress, indecision, and lack of self-confidence in general.” Once you start to understand the nature of your emotions, you can control them and you get the ability to navigate them.

Teach self-acceptance

When you get a chance to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, you stop comparing yourself to others and accept yourself. It helps you to avoid isolation and separation from others which can be built based on your flaws or gifts. Astrology can become your guide to acceptance. It builds the knowledge based on your zodiac sign. Each of the Vedic signs has its flows and weaknesses and even though we might have the same signs, we all have other factors which make the calculations for our sign unique. For example, Tanka Dhungelfrom Yodha app says that Sun in Aries makes you bold and very confident and even though it can be considered as strength, it can also turn out as a weakness. Sometimes such people can be very self-centered and care only about their own feelings. The recommendation from the astrologer is to start thinking more about other people, especially when you feel like you want to say something strong or not in the mood for a good conversation. Being aware of these factors, you start working on giving more attention to others and becoming more focused on others’ feelings.

Find the right rituals

Recommendation may vary due to your birth chart. For some people it can be meditation and swimming, since it can calm down temper and let you think more about getting in peace with yourself. Once you start this practice, you realize that your focus has shifted from stress to mindfulness and calmness. Overall, the astrologer can help you to start meditating or find a more active way to find peace with yourself based on your character features. They can also suggest some outlets, such as special music, wearing the right jewelry stones or even daily color which can strengthen your positive attitude.

At some point, we all start to accept new things which were never part of our daily lives. For example, just a couple of years ago meditation was considered a practice for Buddhist monks and as a part of the spiritual journey. Now, a lot of people all over the world are practicing it and even such big corporations, such as Google, have meditation rooms at their headquarters. The same applies to astrology. Even though there is a misconception that it is just a means of fun for teenagers and esoteric people, now it becomes more of a guide to learning more about yourself and being mindful. The most important thing here, as with most things, is to find the astrologer with the right qualifications, who is the best choice for you spiritually and professionally.

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