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Which GenteFied Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


From the sensitive side of Pops and Erik to the fiery determination of Yessika and Ana, the characters of Gentefied are definitely a refreshing change from some of the more exhausted personality traits seen in other comedy-drama series.

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The show’s characters are both easy to love and hate, with some controversial personalities like Beatriz whose proud work ethic stops her from supporting Ana’s creative dream in season one. Mama Fina’s tacos might be out of this world, but so are the characters of Gentefied — specifically the astrological world — with many fans wondering if Pops is a Gemini or Cancer.


Aries: Ana 

Ana eating and looking up in Gentefied

Aries are known for their creative drive towards new projects that see them fulfill the role of leader. The storyline of Ana surrounds her desire to achieve her artistic dream, as seen in season one when she constantly finds herself in heated arguments with her mom, Beatriz, who finds it difficult to support a dream that fails to pay the bills.

In season two, Ana takes on more Aries traits when her fiery personality and strong need to lead see her fight back against a paid job, which coincidentally is for the woman who has bought Pops taco shop, which Erik, Chris and the whole clan tried to save.

Taurus: Lidia 

Lidia looking irritated in Gentefied

Lidia is first introduced as a strong independent woman who strives for excellence and a job that challenges not only her but stereotypes too. Lidia’s likability comes into question a lot, as her character takes on true Taurean traits of striving for stability, which consequently prompts the Taurus attitude of hidden anger, seen clearly in season two when she lashes out at Erik.

While Lidia’s moods may vacillate between hot and cold, Erik’s obvious attraction and admiration for her is shared by others due to her beauty being something to behold, something also rumored to be synonymous with the Taurus zodiac sign.

Gemini: Danny

Danny looking at the camera and smiling in Gentefied

Danny is perhaps one of the most underrated characters in Gentefied, with one episode in season one focussing on his dad, Javier’s, financial struggle that eventually sees them move away. Danny is a definite Gemini when he catches on to Erik’s book scheme in season one. His extroverted and clever attitude sees him flawlessly answer Erik’s question, gaining him a free taco, which he cleverly claims with a smart remark.

But a weakness shared by Geminis is indecisiveness, which is spotted when Danny can’t decide whether or not to ask Nayeli to be his girlfriend before leaving, and his character is just one reason why Gentefied is one of Netflix’s best shows.

Cancer: Pops

Pops at court in Gentefied

Pops is the heart of Gentefied, becoming an easily lovable character throughout both seasons. His loyalty practically labels him as a Cancer from the first season when it is revealed that he pays Ana’s rent and even offers to buy her new paints after Beatriz throws them out following another argument about Ana’s future.

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Pops is a central character and his Cancer intuition surrounding his beloved family member shows throughout both seasons, with him engaging in many deep chats where he offers both words of wisdom and a shoulder to cry on. However, every zodiac sign has its weaknesses and unfortunately, Pops is moody, seen when his son returns in season two.

Leo: Erik

Erik is just another character that goes against the grain in Gentefied. His personality clearly derives from his grandfather Pops in his Leo-like caring and compassionate manner towards everyone in his family, specifically the love of his life, Lidia, and Delfina, his eventual daughter in season two.

Unlike Pops, Erik strays away from a moody temperament with his understanding nature, especially when Lidia was granted a new job in the Bay Area, but he still has a protective aura surrounding his family, making him a definite Leo.

Virgo: Yessika

Yessika in a red hoodie in Gentefied

Virgos tend to pay close attention to small details, which can definitely be said for Yessika, and even she agrees with this ranking in season two. Her character is known for challenging things that require questioning, but in doing this, Yessika also causes some unnecessary tension.

But despite causing a few uncomfortable conversations, Yessika stays true to her Virgo ways through her practical and logical way of thinking that sees her support other locals through her activism, including pops in season 2. Her organized ways allow her to seem put together with good social connections due to her friendly Virgo nature, which almost saw her achieve her dreams in season one.

Libra: Pancho

Pancho looking incredulous in Gentefied

Pancho is a character that slips under the radar, but whose impact leaves a lasting mark. In his daughter’s absence, he stresses that she is an independent woman and seeks to offer advice when Erik is trying to fix what may be broken between him and Lidia.

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Libra’s are known for being good mediators and are friendly and extroverted, which is certainly how Pancho can be described. Whether it’s his time working in a bar that has enabled him to resolve everyone’s issues or just his Libra ways, he is the calming aura in what can sometimes be chaos.

Scorpio: Chris

Chris staring out to the street in Gentefied

Chris’s desire to create good food and transform himself into a chef portrays him as being highly determined, which is a classic trait associated with Scorpios. However, it is his bravery that really signifies this when he stands up to his dad in season two, showcasing his loyalty to his family that listens and supports his wishes, which are to remain with Pop and the rest of the family.

Alongside his loyalty, bravery and determination is also a trait of resentfulness, which highlights itself in both seasons with his need to prove he is a true Mexican, and his character is another reason why Gentefied is one of the best new Netflix comedy series from 2020.

Sagittarius: Diane

Diane walking with a guy in Gentefied

Diane is introduced in season two as Lidia’s student hire, and at first, she seems like a promising, enthusiastic, first-year student, but it doesn’t last long. This is when her Sagittarius traits present themselves in the nonchalant attitude that allows her to do exactly what she wants when she wants, which leads to her relationship with Lidia faltering.

Diane still becomes a well-loved character though, when her adventurous charm hits new extremes after her 15-minute break includes Erik, something fans did not expect from Gentefied‘s season two.

Capricorn: Beatriz

Beatriz talking to Ana in Gentefied

Beatriz continues to be a character that is hard to love, especially because of her attitude towards Ana’s dream of being an artist, but Beatriz is simply a true Capricorn.

This star sign is often described as being disciplined and practical, and her work ethic sees her work overtime, which may be why she finds it hard to accept Ana’s career path, due to her being a workaholic herself. She soon refuses an extra workload in season one, which is quickly replaced by a trip to the patisserie, showcasing the ambitious Capricorn sign she embodies.

Aquarius: Sarai

Saraí taking orders at her food truck in Gentefied

Sarai is another new arrival to Gentefied‘s season two when she and Chris begin what is set up to be a good love story. Sarai is both self-assured and independent, which is obvious when she gives Pop and Chris tips on how to run a food truck.

Her Aquarian optimism results in her manifesting her own restaurant, which consequently ends up being Mama Fina’s taco shop. Just like every zodiac sign, there are weaknesses though, and Sarai’s is her overprotective attitude around her own ideas, which pushes her to claim the taco shop as her own, betraying Chris.

Pisces: Bree

Actress Clarissa Thibeaux posing for a photo

Pisces is the most aware and emotionally in-tune zodiac sign and they offer reassurance and advice when they can sense something is wrong. Bree is the definition of a Pisces with the way she offers Ana a safe outlet for her to voice her troubles. Ana is made to feel comfortable in Bree’s company, which allows her to open up and show emotion.

Her character is a natural empath, making her one of the easiest characters to like, especially in her understanding of Ana’s complex feelings regarding Yessika, Pop’s taco shop and his risk of deportation.

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