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The Scream Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Along with Mrs. Loomis — Billy Loomis’ mother — Mickey goes on a killing spree at Windsor College, the school that Sidney Prescott happens to be attending. While Mrs. Loomis’ motivations are revenge and retribution, Mickey is simply a pure psychopath driven by the thrill of terrorizing people, and, most importantly, the promise of being famous.

Because of his motivations for killing, Mickey (Timothy Olyphant) is definitely a Leo, which you are too if you were born between July 23 and August 22. Leos are represented by the lion and, like lions, often act as if they are the kings and queens of their realm. They are dramatic, have a lot of confidence, and love to entertain. They want to stand out, and it’s this ego that often leads to their downfall.

The same is true of Mickey, who, though intelligent, is not quite as cunning as Mrs. Loomis, and is blinded by his desire for fame. Like the killers in the first “Scream,” Mickey is obsessed with horror movies and plans to use this as his defense when the case goes to trial. In his mind, he can essentially plead insanity and say the violence of movies and video games made him commit the murders, something that would immediately attract media attention. Unfortunately, Mrs. Loomis tricks him and he winds up dead — but, it was an interesting theory while it lasted.

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