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Sunday Zodiac: Four signs that are least supportive in a relationship


In a relationship, it is important that partners care for and support each other through the highs and lows, and the ups and downs of life. When in a relationship, support is very important, especially when facing difficult situations such as a health crisis or a financial setback.

Mithun Chakraborty, an astrologer and creator at Trell, says there are some zodiac signs that are detached from others and refrain from opening up to people.

“If you are in a relationship with one of these four signs — but remain unclear about your feelings — beware! Your lack of clarity will drive these zodiac signs out of your life.  You need to be clear about your emotions with these signs and make them realise that being invulnerable will only ruin the beauty of the relationship. If you can do this, they can turn out to be supportive partners, else these signs will be the least supportive in a relationship,” he says.

Read on to find out which signs he is talking about.


This sign governs the primary place of ‘I am,’ which makes this sign the most self-centered among all. This does not imply that Aries can’t be in a loving relationship or that they don’t need a partner. While Aries can be faithful, they are constantly occupied with themselves which can result in insensitivity. In case your Aries partner does this, immediately discuss with them how this attitude is hurting you and your relationship.


Capricorns are infamously known for being detached from their feelings. They are one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. They look at situations from a lens of sensibility and logic. This quality can enable them to accomplish their goals, although it may prevent them from being truly supportive partners. While communicating feelings might not come naturally to Capricorns, they need to create a channel of open communication with their partners. This is necessary to prevent emotional outbursts because Capricorns tend to restrain emotions until they become unmanageable.


It is commonly known that Gemini has dual personalities which results in them being easily distracted. While a Gemini has good intentions, the adrenaline of having choices can leave them distracted and changing direction constantly. This doesn’t imply that they intend to hurt or neglect you. Truth be told, a Gemini, for the most part, means to address your emotional requirements. In case you need support from a Gemini, bring it up when you two are separated from everyone else with no distractions.


An Aquarius can be difficult to understand due to their tendency to stay distant from people. It can be troubling for partners to tell what they are thinking or feeling. When an Aquarius does express feelings, they’re probably going to be idealistic or have eccentric thoughts. If you are dating an Aquarius, take initiative and openly share emotions. Lead by example and show the importance of opening up in a relationship.

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