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Jotaro Kujo’s Zodiac Sign – and What It Says About Him


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s male lead, Jotaro Kujo’s Zodiac sign makes perfect sense for him, given astrology lore.

The story of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure showcases a handful of shonen protagonists, starting with Jonathan Joestar in the Victorian period and then the wily Joseph Joestar during the events of Battle Tendency. Then the most popular JoJo’s hero came along, Jotaro Kujo, and he’s unlike either Joestar hero who came before him.

Jotaro can be described in a number of ways, in terms of his personality, his unusual outfits, or his brilliant combat style, and he can also be assessed according to his astrological sign and how well it describes him. JoJo’s canon confirms Jotaro as an Aquarius, an air sign, and he embodies it in many ways in the story of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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Aquarius: A Free-Thinking & Flexible Air Sign For Jotaro Kujo

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Jotaro’s exact date of birth is unknown in JoJo’s canon, but he was definitely born in 1970 under the Aquarius astrological sign. Despite its name, Aquarius is an air sign, along with Libra and Gemini. People born under air signs tend to be creative, intellectual, flexible, and unattached to the world around them. So, many air sign individuals tend to be radical thinkers and visionaries who often think about what could be or what should be, rather than what is. For that reason, Aquarius individuals often seem aloof and detached from the people around them, since an Aquarius is often preoccupied with their lofty and complex ideas. They aren’t necessarily callous or abrasive, though.

Most people born under the Aquarius sign are, according to astrological lore, governed by the planet Uranus, a body associated with surprising events, technology, and innovation, meaning an Aquarius will let their words and ideas do the talking. An Aquarius may lack the burning passion and charisma of a fire sign and they may not be as tenacious as an earth sign, but they are more flexible and brilliant than those signs. Aquariuses also tend to be humanitarian and put the needs of the many first. Aquariuses are also known to resist rigid authority and traditions to let their flexible creativity go wild, and that’s the case for Jotaro, too. This makes them unpredictable but insightful people who don’t have a rank-and-file way of thinking.

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Jotaro Kujo As An Aquarius In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jotaro Kujo loosely aligns with his air sign, with his most distinct departure from Aquarius norms being his lack of a “power of the people” attitude. Aquariuses typically use their creative and forward-thinking ideas to reshape society and allow people to realize their true potential but that’s not the case for Jutaro Kujo. He seems to care very little about society as a whole in JoJo’s, but at least he will risk his life for his family’s sake. After all, the entire reason he traveled to Egypt to confront his nemesis DIO was to save his mother Holly’s life from her plant-like Stand, and even if he didn’t admit it, he bravely made that journey for the sake of others and never himself. He claimed that he slew DIO because the latter “pissed [him] off,” but fans know that’s not the entire story. Jotaro, as an Aquarius, isn’t really that callous or self-serving.

In other regards, though, Jotaro is much more of a traditional Aquarius, mostly during the events of the Stardust Crusaders story arc. Jotaro is known for his creative, resourceful, and insightful mind during his adventures, and he can use more than brute force to win the day to defeat DIO’s many followers. Jotaro can think his way out of any dire situation, such as when he defeated the Sun Stand or when he outmaneuvered the Strength Stand, and he used his wits to save his own life during the final battle against DIO. Most of all, Jotaro used his remarkable wits and some serious guts to turn the tables against Daniel J. D’Arby the gambler, and score a major upset victory. Only a brilliant air sign could have pulled that off.

In other, more subtle regards, Jotaro lives up to his Aquarius nature in the story of JoJo’s, such as his aloof and quiet disposition and his emotional stability. He isn’t terribly expressive or impulsive, and he tends to think things over before deciding what to do next in the journey to Cairo. Jotaro also tends to not do what people tell him, whether it’s his mother or Joseph, and he likes to make up his own mind and trust his own judgment as an Aquarius. He often takes his allies by surprise as much as he does his enemies, and Jotaro won’t explain himself until the battle is already won, like a true Aquarius.

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