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Which The Sex Lives Of College Girls Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The main characters in HBO Max’s The Sex Lives of College Girls are getting used to life at Essex College while bonding with each other and trying to make their college dreams come true. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the pressures of college life, although of course, that means that a lot of wrong decisions are made.

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From roommates Whitney, Leighton, Kimberly, and Bela to their new friends and love interests, the characters at Essex all have personality traits that leave an impression on fans and allow viewers to relate to some of them more than others.

12 Aries: Willow

Willow standing at her locker in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

While some sports movies aren’t accurate, The Sex Lives Of College Girls does a good job showing the inequality between men and women’s sports, especially at the college level. Whitney is mad when she learns that the men’s team has a beautiful locker room and fancy clothing, and her good friend and teammate Willow has been aware of the problem for much longer.

Willow shares all of the positive traits of an Aries sign as she’s brave, strong, passionate, and has leadership qualities. She inspires Whitney to be her best self and work hard as a member of the soccer team.

11 Taurus: Whitney

Whitney in the locker room in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Taurus signs can relate to Whitney, who is just as stubborn as her senator mom and who is a loyal, smart, considerable person who works hard and tries to do the right thing.

While being stubborn can be seen as something negative, Whitney often embodies this trait in a more positive manner as when she puts her mind to something, she’s going to succeed no matter what.


10 Gemini: Nico

Nico talking to Kimberly at Sips coffee shop in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Leighton’s brother Nico isn’t the nicest person and makes a lot of mistakes, but before viewers learn that he has been cheating on his girlfriend with Kimberly, he seems to have some positive traits.

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Like Geminis, Nico loves to learn, cares about other people, and can also be clever. He is passionate about life and loves being around other people.

9 Cancer: Carol

Carol and Kimberly wearing fancy dresses in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Sometimes TV parents have compelling storylines, and Kimberly’s mom Carol makes a big impression on fans in season 1 of The Sex Lives Of College Girls. Carol is sweet and supportive of her daughter and makes sure that they have everything that they need, even if they’re not rich. Carol is embarrassed when Kimberly tries to use Leighton’s credit card to pay for dinner and wishes that Kimberly wouldn’t feel badly about their finances.

Like homebody Cancer signs who feel badly when people are having a tough time and who are sensitive, Carol just wants everyone, including Kimberly, to be happy and at peace.

8 Leo: Bela

Bela smiling in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Like Leo signs, Bela is bold, courageous, passionate, determined, and happy to be around people. Bela is fearless in many ways, as she loves being social, and all she wants is to feel like she fits in at Essex College.

Bela loves being the center of attention, which might be the Leo sign’s most clear trait, and she loves living a life that feels exciting. While at first Bela seems a bit immature as she is determined to experience all that college has to offer, including hook-ups at parties, she does become more calm, collected, and mature by the end of season 1.

7 Virgo: Kimberly

Kimberly smiling in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Like other Virgo TV characters, Kimberly is kind, diligent and careful about her work, and quiet. At the start of her freshman year of college, she takes her classes and work-study job seriously, but then she begins struggling and everything falls apart.

Kimberly needs to find her voice more in season 2 and if she can focus more on what’s important while still having fun, she’ll be able to achieve the balance that she’s searching for.

6 Libra: Alicia

Libra signs want people to be kind and help each other out, and Alicia definitely does those things at the women’s center at Essex College.

Alicia encourages people to get along and is also willing to have serious and important conversations. She is friendly and cares deeply about the problems that affect a lot of the student body in The Sex Lives Of College Girls.

5 Scorpio: Jocelyn

Jocelyn smiling in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

As soon as the four roommates on The Sex Lives of College Girls meet Jocelyn, they love her bold personality and ability to speak her mind.

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Scorpios have leadership qualities as there is not much that scares them and Jocelyn inspires Kimberly, Bela, Leighton, and Whitney to be themselves and go after what they want.

4 Sagittarius: Lila

Lila talking to Kimberly at work on The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Like Sagittarius signs, Lila has a sense of humor and is comfortable speaking her mind and telling the truth about any given situation.

Sagittarius signs are interested in the world around them but they don’t like when people hang around them too much. Lila definitely supports Kimberly’s happiness but she sometimes wants Kimberly to be stronger and figure things out for herself.

3 Capricorn: Canaan

Canaan smiling at work on The Sex Lives Of College Girls

TV Capricorn main characters stand out as being people who can lead other people and they’re loyal and reliable.

All of these traits describe Canaan, who is super sweet to Kimberly, who is very lost throughout all of season 1. Capricorns tend to be on the serious side and that’s what Canaan is like sometimes as he focuses on doing a great job.

2 Aquarius: Leighton

Leighton on campus with her dad in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Aquarius signs can see themselves in Leighton, who is extroverted at times as she loves socializing and can be friendly when she wants to be. The rest of the time, Leighton puts up walls and has trouble talking about her emotions.

Aquarius signs don’t love when they feel things strongly and it seems likely that in season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Leighton will work more on sharing her feelings and thoughts instead of making jokes or being harsh.

1 Pisces: Evangeline

Sierra Katow as Evangeline in The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Bela meets Evangeline through the comedy writing club The Catullan and learns that Evangeline is a kind, caring, supportive and sensitive person.

Evangeline shares many Pisces traits and she helps Bela realize that she did the right thing by coming forward about Ryan’s assault. Evangeline also has the brilliant idea of starting an all-female club, realizing that the campus needs a loving and supportive environment where women can express their love of writing and comedy.

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