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Mars In Sagittarius Horoscopes For All Zodiac Signs, December 2021


Mars In Sagittarius is here to give us that push of energy that we’ve all been needing. Whether it’s designed to make us work harder, or communicate better, it’s all up to us.

What we’ve got here is a transit that literally governs determination and focus on what we put our focus on will be up to us, and if we are determined to accomplish or achieve — we will. Quite simply.

Each sign of the Zodiac will have their own version of Mars In Sagittarius, but the potential for positive outcome is almost a shoe-in.

This transit begs us to tap into our positivity reserves, because as we’ve always heard, and what we think about is what becomes our world. In other words, “I think, therefore I am.”

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How we perceive our world is the key to either being happy…or miserable. Mars In Sagittarius wants achievements, endings, completions and new beginnings…but most of it, this transit is here to let us know that it is we who decide what happens in our lifetime.

Mars In Sagittarius puts the power of positive thinking right into our own hands. This is a golden opportunity to bring forth our better selves and show the world that all hope is not lost. As altruistic and corny as that may seem, if we don’t inspire others, who will? How does this transit affect your zodiac sign?

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