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Best Crystals for Aquarius – Healing Crystals by Zodiac Sun Sign


Aquarius is an eccentric, super-smart zodiac sign—they’re streets ahead of everyone else when it comes to playing their part as a global citizen. In fact, you could call Aquarius (born approximately January 20 to February 18, depending on the year) a beacon of social justice and humanity. This air sign was born to campaign, to make the world a better place, to invent, and to innovate. Aquarians are progressive and solution-focused, and they have the necessary resolve and intellect to actually make things happen.

That’s not all: Aquarius is the zodiac’s inventor, activist, idealist, and humanitarian. If you’re an Aquarius, you were born to make the world a better place, and to invent and innovate. You are progressive and solution-focused, and you have the necessary resolve and intellect to actually make things happen.

At worst, Aquarius can be stubborn, distant, and self-absorbed by their own thoughts. Sometimes people think they’re standoffish, but that’s just because they’re thinking so deeply about solving some problem that they can’t pay attention to anything else right now. They’re like the zodiac’s Captain Marvel: Always on call to help save us from ourselves. Aquarius, lead the way!

These crystals can help Aquarius get in touch with their emotions, heighten their concentration, and boost their creativity. If you’re an Aquarius, think of this as a tool kit for living your best life. Use them by keeping them in and around your work space, under your pillow, next to your bedside, in your pocket or wallet, or even wear as jewelry. The longer you keep them closer, the better they’ll work for you! If you’re an Aquarius or if you’re looking for gifts for an Aquarius, get some ~crystal inspo~ below.

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Peach Morganite Stone

This stone amplifies the nurturing, caring side of you that not many people get to see, helping you be kinder to yourself and others.

This is a high-vibration crystal associated with the energy of the Sun. It promotes positive thinking and self-confidence, both of which Aquarius can struggle with when they’re working (or thinking) too hard.


Pink Halite

Pink Halite Cluster

Like a cleansing sea salt bath, pink halite helps you scrub off your negative thoughts. This pale pink salt-based crystal can help purify your energy and bring you a fresh sense of perspective and clarity, especially if your energy is being drained by someone or something in your sphere.



Sodalite Tumble

Sodalite is perfect for helping you store and retain information for a long period of time. It aids clarity of thought, knowledge retention, and creativity, and it’s even known as “the Poet’s Stone.” 



Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst is believed to keep its wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. It also represents February birthdays, so it’s a keeper! Use amethyst in healing rituals related to the crown chakra, such as helping with low mood or stress.



Rare Xenotime Crystal From Brazil


Rare Xenotime Crystal From Brazil 0.7 2.4 Grams

A companion for boosting compassion, xenotime is perfect for when your head is saying one thing and your heart is saying another. It helps you align both and figure out what to do.



Dua Sapphire Ring

Sapphire brings wisdom and helps you see clearly. It will encourage you to take the higher ground, see the bigger picture, and help you to do the right thing—not just for yourself but for the greater good. Also, just look at it!

Ruby is linked to courage, passion, and positivity, helping you see things in their best light. It also awakens your passions and helps you follow your feelings.



Cinnabar Natural Clusters

Cinnabar has potent manifestation powers, helping you to attract good fortune, wealth, and commercial success. All of your great thinking needs an ~end game~ to help it make money for you. Use this stone to attract the right openings.



Rainbow Bismuth Crystal Iridescent Metal

Bismuth promotes relaxation and the wonderful feeling of being ~happy in your own skin~. Its vibes can help you navigate social situations that can sometimes make you feel tense. Keep a chunk of bismuth with you when you’re meeting someone new or when you have an important interview.


Green Aventurine

Rough Green Aventurine

This is an ancient gem that can help boost your creativity and intuition. It’s particularly useful for writers, so keep some handy when you need to jot down your ideas or pitch something.


Rose Quartz Obelisks

Everyone needs this gem in their life! It’s healing, calming, and comforting. Try keeping one close to wherever you sleep for a soothing atmosphere.



Peach Moonstone Crystal Palmstone

This crystal helps you activate your imagination and intuition so you can tune in to your natural creativity. Moonstone can help draw subconscious ideas and insights to the forefront. Meditate with it when you need a bright idea!

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