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The X-Men Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Henry McCoy, better known as Beast, is a founding member of the X-Men who made his debut in 1963’s “X-Men” #1. Hank, as he’s often called, is known for his creative intelligence, astounding sense of humor, sheer enthusiasm, and dramatic, grandiloquent loquaciousness. Put that together, and you’ve got an ideal Leo.

Readers who don’t know what “grandiloquent” or “loquacious” mean might need a dictionary if they ever encounter Hank McCoy, because long, fancy words are basically the only kind of language he speaks. Like any Leo, Hank is theatrical and passionate, and doesn’t believe in toning it down. He’s developed many close friendships as both an X-Men and an Avenger, as any warm-hearted Leo is wont to do. Most of all, however, he’s distinguished by his scientific ambition, which has gotten him into trouble on several occasions. A Leo is going to go wherever their spirit takes them, even if that tips into hubris.

It is this very overconfidence that permanently transforms Hank into the furry blue creature many fans know today, in 1972’s “Amazing Adventures” #13. As if his personality isn’t enough to sell his sign, he eventually mutates into a lion-esque form in 2001’s “New X-Men” #114. He’s not just a Leo, he’s the Leo.

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