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Queestudiar.la, the Peruvian platform has evaluated more than half a million vocational profiles


Queestudiar, is the first vocational guidance platform to use artificial intelligence for high school students, who will be part of a complete vocational process, which will allow them to get to know each other even more and reflect on their professional future, they will see the extensive panorama that awaits them when they leave the college and enter the endless career opportunities.

This startup works with schools using artificial intelligence which has a data of more than half a million vocational profiles. The technology present in this process allows the student to have a much more complete evaluation, where they align not only their abilities, but also the set of multiple intelligences, their vocation, professional values, personal qualities, personality among other aspects that they develop so that they can predict the careers that are most compatible with their results and thus be able to expand the horizon of opportunities to move on to the exploration phase, of great value for schools focused on their students and educators.

“We want our future professionals to work in jobs that they love, and that is why, with QueEstudiar we give the starting point to make the right decision when choosing a professional career, we become their guides, all from our digital platform , We have already lived this experience with students from; Trilce, Innova School, Maria Rayna, San Agustín among other institutions ”comneta, Mayra Lazaro Ceo de Queestudiar.la

Undoubtedly, technology and innovation have grown in the educational sector, this platform impacts the lives of students through an interactive process of self-knowledge, compare careers through their skills and personality type, they can find programs that match with his professional guidelines, in this way to discard options and find the one that best develops with him in all its aspects.

Lázaro mentions that, “The objective of Queestudiar, is to be able to broaden the horizon of students, who would never do it with a traditional assessment, in our platform we compare the student’s profile with more than 250 validated careers, here they discover that they have compatibility with careers that They seem alien to them, they also discover that many of them are related to each other and are more similar than different, for example; Communications with Environmental Eng, both professions have similar professional values ​​in working in open environments and need research-oriented people. Thanks to our predictive statistical model, we can achieve this ”.

It is worth mentioning that, Queestudiar, worked on educational projects of national impact as it is the official platform for evaluating careers in compatibility of student profiles for access to national and international scholarships. In addition, it has been recognized by national and international entities such as InnovatePerú, Hollon IQ and in 2020 it was chosen by PromPerú to represent the country in Web Summint Lisbon, the largest science and technology conference, for the impact on education that the platform generated towards schools and students.

Important fact:

Students who participate in this process can explore the careers of their interest to make a better decision. The academic representatives of schools have a dashboard of control and metrics where they can track the results and can use the data to continue helping their students.

To learn more about this Peruvian edtech, you can visit its website: https://queestudiar.la

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