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Best Airbnbs for Sagittarius: Where to Book Based on Your Zodiac Sign


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Most Sagittarians are down for pretty much anything. It’s just the nature of the glass-half-full, optimistic extroverts who find friends wherever they go. Still, we figured they must have some preferences when it comes to travel, so we enlisted the help of Stephanie Whaley—astrologist extraordinaire, founder of the astrologically-informed dating app Oromoon, and a proud Sagittarius herself—to get the scoop.

“Sagittarians are seeking truth at every angle and knowledge for ultimate consumption,” Whaley explains. And traveling is of the utmost importance, because it’s how they garner much of their wisdom. “Their knowledge is fed from people they meet and cultures they interact with.” They are very much adventurers and risk-takers, more interested in what’s outside of the four walls where they’re staying than anything else. If you’re planning a trip for this fire sign, be sure to keep things flexible, and be wary of setting any ultimatums, lest they run for the literal and metaphorical hills.

Lastly, this 9th sign of the zodiac appreciates being around friends. “The more, the merrier,” Whaley says. And if you’re lucky enough to be invited along, it’s probably not a trip you’ll turn down. Sagittarians will cheer you on at every stage of life, and it’s not uncommon for those around them to want to feed off their positive energy.

So, where should archers book their next getaway? Read on to find out.

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