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Why Virgo and Cancer are destined to build a bond closer than most lovers


While zodiac astrology isn’t an exact science, It is believed that when the affinity between two star signs is great, a wonderful relationship may blossom between the two. This is precisely why a Cancer and Virgo match is one that stars favor. When in love, these two individuals tend to come close till they are devoted to each other. If you happen to have a Cancer beau or are curious about why you’re attracted to a Virgo then read on. This article seeks to explain just why Cancer and Virgo develop such a close bond.


Cancer seeks to nurture their lover

As a sensitive water sign, Cancer seeks to care for and nuture their partner. While some signs find a Cancer lover to be clingy, there are others who wouldn’t mind the extra attention. The earth sign Virgo tends to enjoy this as it makes them feel very secure. 

cancer sign of the zodiac


Virgo’s attention to detail and meticulous nature pleases Cancer

A lot of signs like to throw caution to the wind when in love. However, Cancer isn’t one of them, they seek a loyal and consistent partner. Virgo on the other hand pays great attention to detail and meticulously plans all the thing in his life. This organised outlook on life pleases Cancer and helps build an environment of trust between the two.

virgo sign of the zodiac

Neither shies away from commitment 

Cancer lovers are worriers of the zodiac and need to be reassured as many of them have low self-esteem. A confident Virgo partner can help them with this element by offering commitment and love that they deserve. Since neither shies away from commitment in a caring and nurturing atmosphere, the two develop a lasting bond.


These two star signs will have a great deal in common, such as a love for nature, a green thumb, a desire to travel and above all, the wish to parent some pets together. If you’re dating a Virgo, know that having a schedule or a familiar routine can help you settle in quickly with your mate, so that you can have many adventures together.

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