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Which Kakegurui Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?


Based on the popular 2014 manga series Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, Netflix’s animated series Kakegurui follows the exploits of Yukemo Jabami, a new transfer student to the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, where a clique of degenerate gamblers runs the show. Unbeknownst to her new classmates, Yukemo has a fierce gambling addiction of her own and a supernatural ability to suss out cheaters.

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As fans continue to await the release of Season 3, now is as good a time as any to break down the character’s astrological signs and how they relate to their personalities on the show, and how viewers may stack up to them in their own life.

12 Aries – Midari

Often considered among the bravest and most ambitious zodiac signs, Midari Ikishima is bound to be an Aries for all of the dangerous activities she engages in on the show, including her self-destructive tendencies. She stabs her own eye with a pen, gambles with her own appendages, and plays perilous death games in her class with reckless abandon.

Midari’s impulsive spontaneity and will to be number one certainly aligns with Aries being the first sign on the zodiac chart, as she stops at nothing to not only be the most successful gambler but also become number one in Yumeko’s heart as well.

11 Taurus – Kirari

Kirari holds out a hand in Kakegurui

As the series’ chief protagonist defined by her obstinate ways and an overwhelming sense of loyalty to her sister, Kirari Momobami is clearly a Taurus. Aside from the more negative traits, Kirari can also be kind, understanding, and extremely logical in her line of thinking.

Like any true Taurus, Kirari is also stubbornly loyal to her sister Ririka, unwilling anything to become between them while also recognizing the true bond Ririka shares with Mary. It’s nuances like these that make her one of the most underrated anime villains.


10 Gemini – Itsuki

Itsuki pokes an eye through her hand in Kakegurui

At first blush, Itsuki Sumeragi is an extremely pleasant, caring, and friendly first years student at the Academy. However, it’s all a facade for her true personality, a vindictive gambler who uses her outward appearance to manipulate her classmates to no end.

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Despite Itsuki’s obvious duplicity, her positive astrological traits include intelligence, keen observation skills, adaptability, and daring creativity, which certainly aligns with the time she feigned niceties toward Yumeko following her expulsion from the Student Council.

9 Cancer – Ryota

Ryota sweats by a window in Kakegurui

Although he is kindhearted and friendly enough, Ryota Suzui’s biggest defining characteristic is being shy, timid, and reserved. This almost certainly makes him a Cancer sign, often considered to be among the most timorous zodiac symbols. Ryota’s also an extremely intelligent student, which also fits the bill.

Despite lacking confidence and the ability to speak for himself early on, Ryota’s time spent with Yumeko helps him improve his gambling skills and evolve as a person. Still, as someone who’d rather make others feel comfortable before himself, an altruistic hallmark of most Cancer signs.

8 Leo – Yumeko

Yumeko flashes red eyes in Kakegurui

As the series protagonist who derives most of her thrills by taking risks, Yumeko Jabami is almost certainly a Leo by nature, the most courageous and confident zodiac sign. Yumeko’s natural charisma aligns with that of Leo, as does her upbeat attitude and ability to bring people together and stay safe in packs, a la a pride of lions. Protagonists like this are why the show ranks among the best gambling anime of all time.

Of course, when Yumeko undergoes her supernatural state and exposes her rivals’ cheating ways, she does not shy away from competition but rather bravely embraces the challenges, using her intrepid leonine nature to take on any problem head-on.

7 Virgo – Yuriko

Yuriko stands before a circular window in Kakegurui

Radiating grace, elegance, and sophistication from the moment she appears onscreen is Yuriko Nishitotouin, a character who embodies the trademarks of a Virgo. Also marked by the unconditional love ascribed to Virgos, Yuriko’s care for Japanese tradition and fellow Culture Club drives the point home.

On the negative side, Yuriki’s bad Virgoan traits include her dogged perfectionism, inability to accept a mistake, reluctance to accept help from others, and being extremely critical. Yuriko shows all of these traits when gambling at the Academy. The devious dichotomy of her nature is why the show has more dramatic pull than even some of Netflix’s best animated movies.

6 Libra – Rei

Rei holds up a gavel in Kakegurui

Defined most by her caring nature, a profound sense of compassion, and genuine sympathy for others, Rei Batsubami has all the makings of a loving Libra. She’s kind, polite, assisting, and goes out of her way to protect bullied “housepets” following a lost gambling match.

Additional glaring Libran trait Rei showcases is her sense of fairness, diplomacy, and generally sociable attitude. Although she does not take compliments well due to growing up as a servant, Rei is one of the most non-confrontational characters in the show, one of the biggest hallmarks of a Libra.

5 Scorpio – Yumemi

Yumemi points a finger in Kakegurui

While Yumemi Yumemite can also be easily labeled a Gemini, her courage, determination, and pleasure for delivering immense amounts of pain also give her the deadly sting of a Scorpio. Once she’s crossed, Yumemi will strip all forms of loyalty and exact deadly revenge without hesitation.

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Despite her penchant for violence, Yumemi’s cheery demeanor and dogged ambition to become a famous actor like her celebrity idol Kawaru also support her most admirable Scorpionic traits.

4 Sagittarius – Runa

Runa smiles while holding a lollipop in Kakegurui

Despite a dark side that every character seems to have in the show, Runa Yomozuki’s most outward personality traits include being extremely chipper, bubbly, and enthusiastic. Runa’s loose, carefree attitude conveys Sagittarian qualities more than any other zodiac sign.

As the one member of the Student Council who does not take her role all that seriously, Runa often bucks responsibility by playing video games in the library during meetings, which deeply annoys her serious classmates. However, Runa’s most virtuous trait is her moral compass and the insistence on fair play, another hallmark of ethical, big-hearted Sagittarians.

3 Capricorn – Kaede

Kade looks pensive wearing glasses in Kakegurui

Kaede Manyda is a shrewd gambler who has all the hallmarks of a classic Capricorn on the show. On the positive side, Kaede is extremely tidy, logical, well-organized when it comes to gambling and excellent at managing his money.

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On the negative side, Kaede often stoops incredibly low, holds grudges, thinks he knows more than anyone else, and most of all, he can be cold and calculating in the way he manipulates his fellow students, especially Midari in Season 1 and Yumeko in Season 2.

2 Aquarius – Sayaka

Sayaka looks angry in Kakegurui

As the most intelligent student who is driven by cold hard logic on the show, Sayaka Igarashi has to be an Aquarius. Sayaka is pragmatic to the point of despising gambling and risk-taking as unwise endeavors, yet is somehow drawn to the diametrically-opposed Kirari.

The Japanese name Sayaka also translates in English to “clear, pure, and clean,” which certainly mirrors Sayaka’s water sign, pure heart, and selfless ability to bring joy to others. If it weren’t for Kirari’s bad influence, she would demonstrate such traits even more.

1 Pisces – Mary

Mary winks and smiles in Kakegurui

Born on March 8th, Mary Saotome is literally a Pisces. While some of her more aggressive traits betray this sign, other qualities such as being gracious and emotionally attuned to those around her ring true.

After losing everything in a match with Yurkio, Mary becomes less of a mean person and more of a kind and compassionate ally. Pisces is known as being the most humble zodiac sign, and humility is exactly what Mary experiences during her evolved character arc in the popular anime.

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