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This Astrology Gift Is Perfect For Your Tarot-Obsessed Friend


One of the hottest new must-have holiday items comes in straight from the cosmos. As more people turn to the stars for comfort and guidance, tarot and oracle decks are becoming “increasingly mainstream,” according to New York Magazine. While I may be biased (we are close friends and colleagues), the best astrology deck comes by way of New York’s finest professional astrologer, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide, Teen Vogue‘s resident astrologer, and star queen extraordinaire, Lisa Stardust. Lisa’s new astrology deck, aptly titled “The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings + Myths of the Cosmos,” is the essential gift for your favorite star-loving friends and co-workers.

As a practicing Witch and lover of all things cosmic, witchy, and esoteric, I couldn’t help getting my hands on this deck that features 70 beautifully illustrated, retro-inspired cards printed on matte black cardstock and embellished with rich gold detailing. This interactive astrology deck comes with a guidebook on using them, and is organized into extremely helpful sections as follows:

The Planets: Planets represent our fundamental human characteristics, which add dimension and “flair” to our chart.

The Signs: Most commonly we associate astrology with our “sun sign,” which is defined in this guidebook as “our ego and will,” but our natal charts are composed of a multitude of planets, transits, degrees, and a whole lot more.

The Asteroids: The asteroids in this book are described as smaller planets that orbit the sun and roam the cosmos, and Lisa describes 11 of the asteroids and what they mean in your chart.

● The Aspects: Understanding planetary aspects helps us figure out how much or how little action is required of us to obtain our desires. Major aspects are more powerful and minor aspects are less influential.

● Eclipses & Transits: This is one of my favorite sections as eclipses have a very mystical history in folklore. Here, they’re explained as cosmic bodies that pass across one another. Eclipses certainly bring on major changes in magical practice so it’s no surprise that these transits would have such a major effect on our natal charts.

● The Elements: The elements of the zodiac are also quite popular. Much like how everyone knows their sun sign, we also are aware of the element that rules said sign. These elements are broken down into earth, air, fire, and water. Each of these directly correlates to each sign of the zodiac and attributes how we will use our energy on a regular basis.

● The Qualities: The 12 Zodiac signs are organized by three different qualities i.e “cardinal, fixed, and mutable.” These combined with our four elements gives us a look at the qualities that help us understand each of the 12 signs’ vibes or their strengths on a deeper level.

● Lunar phases & phenomena: The moon represents our emotions, and helps us to better understand ourselves. Much like the phases of the moon, our personalities wax and wane; the lunar energy is felt on a powerful scale, as lovely luna affects the ocean’s tides. The energy of the moon is also said to have a powerful effect on human life as we know it. In astrology, the moon reflects the mother(s) who raised us. In this section you will learn about the importance of the moon’s phases, and its cycles.

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