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The Cobra Kai Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


In the whole landscape of “Cobra Kai” characters, Hawk is a bit of an anomaly. Most of the cast falls into clear pairings which gives the show a natural parallelism — Robby and Miguel, Tory and Sam, Johnny and Daniel, and so on. That obviously doesn’t apply to every character, but most one-off players in the story either have less significant arcs or are less central to the core plot. That includes characters like Kreese, Amanda, and Miguel’s mother Carmen. It could be argued that Hawk and Demetri are parallels, and that’s true in some ways, but really Hawk follows a fully unique character arc from anyone else in “Cobra Kai.”

So, who is Hawk really? In a word, he’s unflinching. He’s someone who carefully crafts every aspect of his image to create a desired response. He’s someone who wants to be the absolute best and will challenge anyone who questions his claim to that title. He’s an intensely emotional person who acts out of passion far more than out of logic and reason. But beneath it all, Hawk is still someone with great humanity and sensitivity — someone who knows what it’s like to be pushed around. All of that amounts to a character who can proudly wear the sign of Aquarius, which applies to those born between January 20 and February 18. Independent, innovative, and occasionally temperamental, Aquarians will stop at nothing to push beyond their own limitations, just like Hawk.

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