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The Army Of Thieves Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


With the exception of Delacroix and Beatrix, the vast majority of the Interpol agents hunting these thieves are little more than cronies. They are placeholder characters meant to carry out orders, even if those orders don’t always make sense. One of these agents, however, who is named on IMDb as Techie, stands out. Like Beatrix, his role isn’t exactly prominent, but he is important to the events of the film and carries himself with the kind of self-assuredness usually reserved for central characters.

From what we can gather, Techie seeks out information. Not just clues, but information actively being transmitted. In one scene, he is shown listening to something, tweaking the signal, then presenting his findings. His superiors question the criminals’ logic in discussing their plans on an open channel. Techie explains the channel isn’t exactly public, but he was able to get past the encryption. 

That ability to keep searching for answers is why Techie personifies the Sagittarius. Even if Korina is feeding him false info, it sure seems like Techie has big things in his future based on his skill. He did the work, and he found what his superiors were looking for. It’s not his fault if they were being messed with.

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