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Fashion Shop for the season’s best holiday jewellery: From candy bling to chunky crystals


Holiday jewellery can be more than shiny party baubles. They’re the epitome of feel-good bling. They can be nostalgic, happy, effervescent and can also perk up the moody winter layers. So, pop colours, Christmassy motifs, dressy pearls and alternative gemstones like morganite or amethyst are in demand. Kolkata buyers also tend to go for versatile bling that can serve them well for the oncoming wedding season. Crystal jewellery is a hit with Gen-Z buyers who don’t want to commit to diamonds or spend on them. Here are some great options for your holiday bijoux bucket list:


If you’re in the market for fine jewellery, drop in at Nornament’s Elgin Road flagship, where you’ll spot some of the most creative pieces — from yellow topaz candy pendants to Madagascar tourmaline necklaces. If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, explore the label’s Cameo collection that features stylised agate jewellery. 

“The art of cameo has been used by royalty in the past — it’s a carving made on agate stone. We tried to explore this and got some artists to experiment with this form of design. It turned out really well and we’ve got some really good reviews,” says Pradhyuman Maloo, the creative director of the label. 


Outhouse has aced the holiday jewellery memo with its new Oh Poppi line, which brings nostalgia and progressive design together to create wearable, repeatable statement picks. The line has oversized tuberose-inspired pieces, unusual floral silhouettes, dewdrop danglers, scallop hoops and more. The pieces are dressy yet casual, which also makes them work-friendly. Most of the statement pieces from the line are ready to ship and you can find a selection at their Quest Mall outlet.

Michelle Alexander

If you’re looking for vintage-inspired bling, consider going for the granny chic memo with artisanal pieces by Kolkata-based label Michelle Alexander. A few of their minimal, neo-classical pieces are ideal for daywear, but if you want something edgier go for the baroque numbers or their Zodiac edit. The label’s chunky gold-toned pieces are also festive and dreamy.

Sakshi Jhunjhunwala

Kolkata designer Sakshi Jhunjhunwala makes versatile holiday pieces that can also double up as destination wedding jewellery. Her eponymous line offers elegant hoops, oversized medallion necklaces and classic chokers. “The pieces work as holiday jewellery and they are good options for destination wedding wear since they’re light and easier to carry. We don’t make heavy pieces. All my numbers are contemporary and yet quite bold,” Jhunjhunwala shares.


Prerna Rajpal’s Amaris has introduced chic cocktail bling in festive hues, like the 80-pointer oval diamonds and Zambian emerald studs, and the Amaris Serpenti bracelet. The label also offers pastel-toned precious jewellery flanked by pearls and diamonds. If you want to go for something functional, opt for the diamond-studded I-watch cases, which are top-sellers. Rajpal points out how buyers can exercise caution when opting for holiday shopping.

“When you buy big pieces, ensure that the item will retain its monetary value. Before making a significant purchase, you must clearly understand the return and exchange policy of the brand and understand the exact weight of gold and diamonds used in it. Ensure you get the details in writing as part of the invoice. Most professional jewellers would be proud of their return and exchange policy and would disclose it as a part of the buying process,” Rajpal shares.


Bollywood’s favourite jeweller has bijoux aplenty and if you’re in the market for pop-coloured, cheerful statement numbers, Joolry by Karishma has got you covered. From cabochon earrings to semi-precious vintage bracelets and even citrine teardrop danglers, you’ll find the merriest collection here.

Joolry’s new doublet chandelier earring series is a gorgeous pick that was recently seen on Deepika Padukone, while the diamante and turquoise opal rain-drop earring from the Illume collection is also a stunner.


Can you ever really go wrong with Swarovski? There are many ways to shop for crystal jewellery, but if you’re looking for gifts this season, consider happy-go-lucky baubles like petite crystal chains, party rings, charm jewellery or even classic options like oversized, clear crystal chokers.

The candy-inspired Swarovski ‘Dulcis’ make for ideal luxury gifts for your BFF squad. You can even go for the offline browsing experience if you drop in at the Swarovski store at Quest Mall.

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