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Cancer to Sagittarius: 5 Zodiac signs that hate the idea of early marriage


There are some who love the idea of early marriage and are all excited to see themselves dressed to the nines on their D-day. Then there are others who prefer a rather independent life and want to achieve their goals and dreams before making a lifetime commitment.

While there’s nothing wrong in choosing either, as long as one feels happy and satisfied, here are 5 zodiac signs that hate the idea of early marriage and prioritise their ambitions over everything else.


A Cancer prefers to stay alone and live an independent life. They have a strong dislike towards the idea of early marriage and are, often, offended when people poke them to get married. They are strong believers in the fact that everything happens at the right time and there’s no good in rushing into things. They want to experience several aspects of life before settling in with their partners.

Cancer zodiac sign


A Taurus, too, hates the idea of early marriage. They are independent people and don’t want to get tangled in commitments. They know, for a fact, that marriages, especially the early ones, are not for everyone, and that they don’t fit the list at all. They, often, find happiness in themselves and believe in taking time before making the most important decision of their lives.

Taurus zodiac sign


Libras hate early marriages. They prefer staying alone over choosing a misfit. They, often, believe in doing their math and taking time before making any decision. While they know that matches are made in heaven, what they don’t deny is the fact that to get the best, one has to experience the worst. Hence, it is one of those calculative decisions of their lives that they prefer making after giving it a lot of thought.

Libra zodiac sign


A Pisces is not too fond of marriages. Blame it on their past experiences or their expectations from a probable spouse, Pisces are never in favour of early marriages. They are firm believers in wanting nothing but the best no matter how many years or decades it takes.

Pisces zodiac sign


A Sagittarius is good at making decisions. Their intuitions, often, guide them towards good luck. It is their sixth sense that asks them to not get married until and unless they know that they have found their one. They make calculative decisions and marriage is no exception.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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