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Which Silent Hill Monster Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


The Silent Hill series is remarkable for the way it uses symbolism to drive the plot. The monsters featured are all representations of the protagonists’ inner demons, all of whom need to deal with what’s plaguing them inside. Each monster also appears differently based on the characters’ personalities.

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The best way to gauge what monster would suit a person in real life is by making use of zodiac signs. These offer personality traits based on people’s attributes, and it’s best to focus on the negative ones to align with Silent Hill. Everybody has negative traits and mannerisms, so it’s fascinating to see which Silent Hill monster best sums them up.


Aries: The Butcher

The Butcher in Silent Hill Origins

People born under Aries are fierce, collected individuals who have a tendency to go overboard. The Butcher represented cruelty, being shown sacrificing other monsters throughout Silent Hill: Origins. Aries personalities can be hurtful if they cross lines.

The Butcher was a manifestation of what the protagonist Travis Grady feared about himself, in that he was worried if his apathy might become greater. The ram sign fits this monster well based on how they tend to say things that can hurt others’ feelings.

Taurus: Needler

Needler in a cage in Silent Hill Homecoming

There’s little doubt that Silent Hill changed the video game landscape by pushing boundaries in terms of monsters’ appearances. The Needler is a humanoid creature that has a vicious head sticking out as if it were a childbirth out of a nightmare. It actually ties into Taurus personalities’ inherent parental nurturing attribute.

Tauruses can become agitated if they don’t feel fulfilled with familial connections, which is how protagonist Alex Shepherd felt. The Needler symbolizes the labor of Alex’s brother, whom he felt slighted by. The vicious head conveys how Alex sees his brother ravaging his life.

Gemini: Raw Shocks

Raw Shock bursts out of a door in Silent Hill Shattered Memories

The original Silent Hill still holds up well, so much so that it was remade into Shattered Memories. Here, Raw Shocks were repressive thoughts of Sheryl Mason’s mind.

They appeared entirely different based on the answers that players gave on Sheryl’s behalf to her psychiatrist. Raw Shocks could appear bloated, skinny, sliced, among other variations. Geminis can attest to having a wide range of emotions, which can be represented by the many forms that Raw Shocks take.

Cancer: Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head is the most iconic monster to appear in the Silent Hill series, being the perfect representation of guilt. Cancer personalities tend to want things their way, to the point where they can say things they don’t mean that they would like to take back later.

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Pyramid Head represents James Sunderland’s desire for punishment for his inner guilt, which is why it appears to be so violent. People under the Cancer zodiac hold on to their regrets more so than others, with many even making things worse when they try to fix their mistakes.

Leo: Grey Child

Grey Child holds a blade in Silent Hill

They may love the spotlight, but Leos are usually considered big-hearted people whose positive attitudes can venture into naivete as well. They find it difficult to face scenarios where they either aren’t in control or can’t find a way out, which clashes with their inherent morality.

The Grey Child is a knife-wielding monster that symbolizes the loss of innocence, having manifested out of Alessa Gillespie’s torment from being bullied. Leos can become vengeful if they are personally slighted, which is similar to the Grey Child that attacks in a childlike manner searching for the innocence that it has had to let go.

Virgo: Twin Victims

Twin Victim child flees from the protagonist in Silent Hill 2

The Twin Victims were the seventh and eighth kills by Walter Sullivan and were also twins in life. They represent attachment, excessive enough that it becomes too much. Virgos usually latch on to people they believe they can trust, with these personalities unwilling to make room for more.

While Virgos don’t become smothering with their attachments, they can overlook times where it becomes unhealthy. The Twin Victims were merged together, making them a representation of Virgos’ inclination not to let go.

Libra: Nurses

Nurses walk together in Silent Hill

Those born under the Libra zodiac have little to no trouble in attracting others. They have alluring personalities that can be dangerous if they choose to exploit it the wrong way. The nurses represent the characters’ need for a soothing influence in times of stress; they are twisted to become the opposite.

Libras are generally the people others turn to for advice or comfort, but they can go the wrong way should their influence not pan out. The nurses could be seen as Libras who didn’t do right by the people that placed their trust in them. 

Scorpio: Missionary

silent hill Missionary close up

Scorpio personalities tend to be moody, spiritual figures who place their faith in things that others generally don’t believe in. They don’t take it well when people disagree with their manner of thinking, which often results in confrontational moments. 

The Missionary monster represents Heather’s reluctance to convert to Claudia’s religious mission in Silent Hill 3. Heather feels that this mission is being forced upon her, which is the kind of manner that Scorpios could adopt should people not see things their way.

Sagittarius: Pendulum

Pendulum attacks Heather on a street in Silent Hill

Extroverted people can be found in abundance under the Sagittarius zodiac, as the archer sign rarely prefers to be in their own company. The Pendulum monster is hardly ever seen alone, as they tend to attack in swarms to overwhelm the protagonist.

Besides a disdain for being alone, Sagittarians can also be out of touch with others, as they don’t always understand why some people don’t shared their extroverted personality.

Capricorn: Closer

Closer attacks Heather in Silent Hill 3

The Closer is a monster with enlarged arms that resemble punching bags while they constantly move toward the protagonist. They are the manifestation of Alessa Gillespie’s overbearing mother, who had control over the former’s life.

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Capricorns like things done in a certain way. People of this sign are heavy planners who don’t enjoy compromise. The hold that the Closer is meant to represent can be seen as Capricorn’s unwillingness to let anyone but themselves be in charge.

Aquarius: Lisa

Lisa from Silent Hills P.T.

Criticizing P.T. is always an unpopular opinion for Silent Hill fans, as the game was supposed to redeem the series once more. Lisa was the primary monster here, who antagonized the player repeatedly by showing up to flash the injuries that led to her death.

Aquarius personalities are quick to anger and can lash out at people when provoked. They don’t generally seek forgiveness or regret but are still plagued with things that went wrong. Lisa’s appearances to remind the player of what led to her death can be comparable to Aquarius’ demons popping back up.

Pisces: Abstract Daddy

Abstract Daddy attacks Angela in Silent Hill 2

Pisces personalities are highly emotional people who find it difficult to forget or move on from traumatic experiences. The Abstract Daddy represented the mistreatment Angela suffered from her father and brother, with its grotesque appearance a constant reminder to her.

Those of the Pisces zodiac carry their experiences with them throughout their lives, with the sad moments generally lasting long in their memory. The Abstract Daddy is specifically designed to imprint itself in a person’s mind, something Pisces can relate to.

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