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The Netflix Christmas Movie You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If you couldn’t tell by the title alone, “Love Hard” is a title mashup of “Love Actually” and “Die Hard.” Sure, that seems pretty weird if you haven’t seen the movie, but it makes perfect sense if you have. While Natalie’s (Nina Dobrev) favorite movie is “Die Hard,” Josh (Jimmy O. Yang) prefers the romantic holiday classic, “Love Actually.” Okay, that sounds pretty surface-level, but it’s more barrier-breaking than it seems.

Instead of conforming to traditional gender stereotypes, Josh has a softer, more romantic approach to life (and movies). At the same time, Natalie is more cynical about love and opts for an action-packed film instead of a romantic classic. Aquariuses tend to be a bit hard to peg down, as each one tends to be individualistic and too unique for boxes or labels — just like our characters in “Love Hard.”

In the span of a holiday vacation, both Natalie and Josh have a significant shakeup of their senses of self, helping each other grow exponentially into the best versions of themselves. While Natalie learns to accept love, Josh finally finds the confidence to make his unconventional candlemaking hobby into a career move. Aquarius signs are all about adapting and growing, making them a perfect fit. The duo also exhibits self-awareness on contemporary social issues in scenes like their progressive revamping of the classic song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” While the song’s meaning had a much different connotation when it released, it sounds like it’s glorifying roofies by today’s standards. It’s just one more example of our protagonists ditching the status quo and trying to be better than they were yesterday.

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